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Every once in a while, we like to shake up the routine and conduct an interview du... At the end of the day, we could all use a little help changing our little corner of the... At Antioch we believe that every person is called to passionately pursue justice... At Antioch we’re trying to speak plainly about mon...

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In Jefferson County, notification to the community of convicted sex offenders, if deemed appropriate, is available on the Jefferson County Justice website.

These are some of our favorite Antioch sermons and messages. There’s something special about messages delivered on your favorite... If God is mysterious and beyond our complete understanding, where does th...

Gloria is cooking eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast and being busy in the kitchen.

A few moments later we meet Gloria’s father Sal, who is working his way slowly down the staircase. LOVE, LAUGHTER & LUCCI (The Source Weekly 1-12-11) It must have been a strange year for Italian-Americans.

I am grateful for Klamath Falls premiering the play, so that I could see it! Furthermore, any male willing to take his clothes off in public and strip down to a g-string, or a woman down to bra and panties (and high black leather boots), gets my applause .

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act of 2000 is a federal law requiring institutions of higher education to advise the campus community where information concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained.

The story is so relatable while at the same time being outrageously audacious! Congratulations to Cricket and director Susan Benson for hitting the comedy ball right out of the park! Thank you Cricket and your amazing talent." - Susan Dosier GINA GALDI AND GUEST (Cascade A&E 2012) Local playwright Cricket Daniel will open her third play, Gina Galdi and Guest at 2nd Street Theater on February 17.

" - Patricia Del Ruth "Couple Dating was the first time I could convince my theater hating hubby to attend a play. A regular on the stage until her relatively recent foray into writing, Daniel has always been attracted to the energy, passion and creativity found surrounding life in the theatre world. GINA GALDI AND GUEST (The Bend Bulletin 2-17-12) The comedy “Gina Galdi and Guest” will see its world premiere tonight at 2nd Street Theater, marking the start of a monthlong run for local playwright Cricket Daniel’s third play. GINA GALDI AND GUEST (The Source Weekly 2-15-12) the curtain opens on the set of Gina Galdi and Guest at 2nd Street Theater this weekend, the cast and playwright hope audiences see a seamless and hilarious Sex and the City-style take on the life of a young women starting her own wedding cake business. PASSIONATE PLAYWRIGHT (The Bend Bulletin 2-14-12) It's just days to go until the opening of the comedy “Gina Galdi and Guest” on Friday at 2nd Street Theater (see “If you go”).

I Shot Jennifer Lopez at 2nd Street Theater- Big Hit!

Read More BREAK DREAMS (CTX Live Theatre) Tilt is a company formed of differently abled young artists with various physical and developmental challenges who have banded together to find ways to perform after high school.

First, a show called Jersey Shore transformed a bundle of self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes from a punch line into a serious pop culture phenomenon, all the while managing to offend people around the world. COUPLE DATING (The Source Weekly 4-16-10) Before taking a seat in the 2nd Street Theater last night to take in Couple Dating, the locally written and produced play by Cricket Daniel was already well on my radar. I have seen more nudity on Tv and heard worse language on Tv.

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