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She was aware of several texts sent by Gardner during their breakup but did not know about any alleged threats to kill her daughter, Crane stated. Toney asked her if she knew what her friend was doing for a living.

“I knew she had a restraining order for her, me and [Pinkston’s daughter].” asserted Crane. Toney asked, “Did you know if Leslie was having a romantic relationship with Peter, her boss? “No, I did not, I don’t think she was,” replied Ms. Jacline Kataoka testified to witnessing a fight between her friend and Gardner, but could not identify whether the man involved in that fight was actually Mr. She replied, “No.” Taking the stand next was an ex-girlfriend of Gardner’s.

He said after hearing about the shooting, he was in shock and did not know how to handle all of what was going on. on November 18, 2013, he awoke to find Gardner sleeping on his couch. He said that Gardner “knocked on my door, I opened it, and he said, it’s been real y’all, seemed depressed, I didn’t know what he meant.” He stated, “I just thought he was going through some stuff, I told him don’t do anything stupid.” “Did he come in with a female? I couldn’t see how she got to my house though, think she was standing in driveway,” he explained. He said Gardner pulled out a black revolver and asked him if he knew how to re-cock it.

He said he went back upstairs to sleep, and when he woke up about - a.m., Gardner was gone. “He handed it to me, and then I handed it back to him,” Alima stated.

Jessica Abbott stated that she and Gardner dated for a brief period in 2013, but grew apart.

She was asked to describe an incident that had happened in front of her mother and daughter.

“I thought she was his prostitute too,” she said, sobbing. I knew there was an ad posted but I think he was lying,” said Blankenship.

“I met Leslie once when the three of us went to the Bay Area together. Another ex-girlfriend took the stand to tell about her relationship with Gardner during 2013.Jessica said she and Gardner had gotten into an argument, he pushed her up against a wall but she did not get hurt.Abbott stated she was never hurt or threatened by Gardner and did not report the incident. FRIENDS OF GARDNER TESTIFY Prosecution had been awaiting the testimony of Gardner’s friend, Shakqel Alima.“She came to stay with me for about a week after that night, she was scared, then she went to her boss’s house to stay.She didn’t want anyone to know where she was, she was scared,” stated Back.She said she did not want medical attention but had to leave.


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  6. In fact, with a mutual understanding and reverence for the other’s differences in perception, both individuals can provide a balance for one another and the relationship as a whole.

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