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Abalone is a marine mollusk of the genus Haliotis with worldwide distribution.

Species native to California coastal waters produce beautiful blue- and green-hued iridescent nacre.

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See Also: Mother-of-Pearl Pearls Shell Beads This Hausa term for bauxite beads is widely used by West Africa traders.

Abo refers to the weathered reddish soils from which bauxite is formed and which make up the dusty earth of much of Africa.

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These included materials that were regarded as precious in antiquity—lapis lazuli and hardstones, such as agates and rock crystals—as well as stones or minerals that were attractive for their patterns or grains, which were enhanced by ancient lapidaries.

This continually war-torn country probably did not produce all these beads; neighboring Pakistan and India, who were also beadmakers in ancient times, likely produced some of them.

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