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We wanted to rest too, and listen to the priest’s conversation. The priest told us that the deity’s birthday that year fell on the same day as Muharram.

Cantilevers also help conserve ground space, for lawns or backyards, while enabling more built-up area.

Cantilevers need to be designed and constructed carefully else the structure could be unstable and lead to floor vibrations. Roofs don’t need to be flat - in fact roof design can completely alter the size and feel of the space inside.

While small balconies of such type have existed for eons, construction technology has now enabled large cantilevers, that can even become large rooms.

A cantilever allows for glass facades on multiple sides, bringing in more sunlight and garden views.

He appeared in my room in a little while dressed to go out, hair well-groomed, walking staff in hand. He asked Chandrika for a jug of water and, while Chandrika was away, Kulli turned to me. “The heat is terrible, splits one’s head open,” he said. I remembered Mother-in-law telling me that Kulli was less interested in the fort than in getting me away from the house. When we reached the main road Kulli signalled that I should dismiss Chandrika.

Meanwhile Chandrika was estimating whether he could bring Kulli down with one blow. Mother-in-law stood rigid at the door and my wife right behind her. She handed me a peasant staff and said I should take it along. I enjoyed the way Kulli turned up his mouth and arched his eyebrows when doing so.

The Butterfly roof was first used by Le Corbusier, the Swiss-French architect who later designed the city of Chandigarh, in his design of the Maison Errazuriz, a vacation house in Chile in 1930. Designing a home to allow natural light in is always preferred.

However, spaces, surrounding environment and privacy issues don’t always allow for large enough windows.

Chandrika had imagined he would be needed to beat Kulli to a pulp, but he discerned something gentle in Kulli’s communication with me. I chose this moment to send Chandrika to buy perfumed massage oil from the perfume maker. Mother-in-law had told him not to let me out of sight. He was a prolific poet and essayist, who altered the landscape of Hindi letters by the range and intensity of his art.

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