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These guys tend to use homosexual phone chat for flirty fun, connecting directly to like-minded gay men, who are up for a bit of strings-free, adult conversation.

Other guys, who might live in an area where there are no nearby gay bars use the service as a way just to make contact with other gay men, so that they can become part of a growing community that doesn’t depend on where you live.

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Internet dating is all well and good, but doesn’t offer the intimacy that the simple sound of someone’s voice can provide.

Some guys feel liberated by the anonymity that homosexual phone chat can provide.

It may be that, in their other lives, these guys are underconfident about the way they look and not having to go through the stress of trying to chat to someone in a bar or a club puts them in touch with their more confident side.

As far as direct contact goes, homosexual phone chat has the edge over Internet dating every time.


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  2. To start chatting with your partner, simply hit the blue "start" button.

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  4. Here’s a few pointers and helpful reminders to get you started:1.

  5. Just like other leading sites in the niche, Sugar Daddie allows you to post a dating profile for free but you need to upgrade to be able to fully access e-mail across the site, getting to view the members full profiles, and posting your views on the forums. Presented by Sugar Daddy, Suga Dady is a totally free social network for men and women from any sexual orientation and any countries to establish mutually beneficial relationships.

  6. 4: Having said that – there is minimal drama or none at all. If it is a true emergency they will usually offer an alternative time to meet right then not fob you off with a vague ‘I’ll get back to you’. There is no one ‘special person’ that we are going to miss out on.

  7. Some sites such as Ok, and are free and offer additional paid services in a freemium revenue model.

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