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Today in Cuba we see how different levels of access to money shape how people live. Most Cubans can't do that, though a huge majority knows it's possible for others. Sometimes very elemental things become so greatly complicated that they transcend sci-fi and fall under fantasy, even horror.

Junot Díaz has said that sci-fi lends itself to describing his world—that of a Dominican-American.

For example, he talks about what it's like to sit down with family, with his grandmother who grew up in the Dominican Republic in a very distinct temporal and social framework, then his little brother who is a US-born Marine combat veteran.

In Cuba, cockroaches wake up to find themselves turned into hotel managers or even ministers.

I get tired of reading Cuban literature as allegorical because, if writers wanted to always speak about social reality, they could have chosen another path.

They worry about the consequences of decisions being made today.

When I begin a story I don't really know what it is until I'm actually in the process of writing it.It wasn't until years later, though, that Yoss—now an acclaimed sci-fi author, among many other things—and I were able to exchange ideas about the differing ways that Cubans remember the Soviet era.More generally, it's indeed his ability to examine the human experience from different vantage points that really entraps readers of his work.The unimaginable might happen: the first woman president of the United States might be elected, and right after the first African-American was.But it's important to hear what sci-fi authors think, because, in a way, they can be a nation's conscience, even though the work often transcends its own historical moment.And a sizable part of the planet is living in what, for us, is the past.

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