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In one large sample of American whites, the standard deviation for years of education was 2.34 years, so multiplying this by 0.14 suggests that for every thousand years of post-agriculture evolution, the expected level of education (if ancient humans were cloned in modern society) increased by 0.33 years per 1000 years.

Assuming this trend was linear from say the start of agriculture in Europe (about 8500 years ago) to the start of the industrial revolution about 200 years ago, we’d expect a European from 8,500 years ago to complete 2.7 fewer years of formal education than a cloned human from 200 years ago.

I also think the huge population boom caused by agriculture created new mutations for selection to select from (see by Cochran and Harpending), but the study couldn’t confirm that since all the ancient genomes had variants that people today also have.

One fascinating factoid the paper mentions is that the speed of adaptive evolution during the Holocene (end of the ice age and the start of agriculture) increased 100 fold from the preceding Pleistocene.

claiming major natural selection for IQ since agriculture and it couldn’t have come at a better time since I was just arguing about this with commenter Me Lo.

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