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The majority of cases (n=138) had been reported in the province of Luanda.PRINCIPAUX POINTS Déclaration de l’épidémie de fièvre jaune par le Ministère en charge de la santé publique RD Congo - Note pour les medias N° 014-54/16 | Province du Kongo Central : des efforts de la mobilisation sociale et de la communication du risque sur la fièvre jaune se poursuivent au niveau des postes frontières terrestres ANGO-ANGO (MATADI, Kongo Central), 08 juillet 2016.We have no control over the content of these pages.

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From early January to 22 March 2016, a total of 151 suspected cases of YF, including 21 deaths (CFR: 14%), were reported by the national surveillance system.

Of the 151 suspected cases, 9 were confirmed by serology (Ig M) at the Institute National Biomedical Research (INRB) in Kinshasa.

The golden drop was masterfully brewed by Castlemaine's newly appointed german brewer in 1924, essentially replacing their Sparkling Ale, using a yeast transported from Germany (which was, ironically, transported back to Germany after the original culture was destroyed during World War II).

The beer quickly gobbled up most of the market share in the Sunshine State, and deeply wove itself into the fabric of Queensland culture. It became representative of everything that was great about Queensland, of the Queensland way of living.

Given possible cross-reactions with other arboviruses, Ig M positive samples were sent to the Pasteur Institute of Dakar for confirmation where 4 tested positive for the infection.

Of the 4 cases confirmed in Dakar, 3 were imported from Angola and were detected in the areas of Nsona-Pangu, Kimpese and Kitona in Kongo Central province (formerly, Bas-Congo), DRC.

Every pub stocked it, it was the beer you drank with your mates on those long sunny sundays in your local beer garden (perhaps the Brekky Creek, or the RE or the Victory). However, concern has been expressed in recent years about XXXX's declining market share.

Of shouting, of barracking at the footy, of scoffing down a few snags at your mate's barbie, of watching your son train with the local nippers, of the friendly outdoor lifestyle of which we are so justifiably proud. One factor contributing to this is the growth in popularity in that other fine Australian beer, Victoria Bitter (or simply vic, or VB).

The first thing that must be understood about people who live in Queensland is that they consider themselves Queenslanders.

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