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Since it’s inception, Facebook has been used by customers to quickly get in touch with businesses.In their eyes, it’s fast, convenient, they don’t have to look for contact long and they can reach almost every business from a single platform.

Granted, I had around 18 viewers on my first stream, so new comments were not exactly flying in.

When you're done broadcasting, Facebook gives a little detail on who was watching and lets you save to the camera roll (left).

You can even choose to share it with just yourself, but where's the fun in that?

You can shoot the video through your Face Time or rear-facing camera and while holding your phone in portrait or landscape mode, but the video will always be square.

If you haven't posted a status update recently, you'll see this message floating above the icon: "New!

Record and share live video." If you're ready to broadcast (and who isn't?

After rolling out first to celebrities and then to a relative handful of regular users, Facebook's live video streaming feature is now a part of everyone's Facebook experience.

It's easy to use and will be familiar to anyone who has tried Twitter's Periscope, but don't expect hoards of viewers the first time you fire up your Facebook live stream. In fact there's no indication anywhere that you can do anything beyond your traditional posts.

That can get a bit tricky with the cumbersome Facebook interface that simply is not suited to creating good customer service.

However, you can get around that by using Live Chat on your Facebook Fan Page.

You can see what the video looks like in your timeline after broadcast (center) and at right is the playback window.

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