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If the male partner is cruelly nagged and decides to defend himself, the conduct of the male partner will be treated as a form of domestic violence, which will be a punishable crime.

Women's vicious nagging has drove thousands of men to commit suicide.

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She can demand any amount of money, and refusing her, will invite legal action. When any property is held by the male partner and if the woman has any "interest" in the property, the woman has to right to demand what she wants and not giving her will invite imprisonment. A male partner if resists of getting brutally nagged by the woman, he will be accused of subjecting the woman to verbal and emotional abuse.

A woman is free to abuse their male partner verbally and emotionally.

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If the woman demands sex from the male partner and he refused because he is not in the mood, the male partner is said to be sexually abusing the woman.

The male partner must satisfy the woman sexually as and when she likes it.

When the woman will complain of domestic violence, prima facie, the complaint will be treated as true and genuine.

It will be the responsibility of the accused, the male partner, to prove his innocence.

In one year, 22,000 men are committing suicide only because of women's atrocities, and the figures are increasing.


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