Single pregnant women dating

Do you REALLY think this is an appropriate time to be inviting strange men into your life?On the flip side, what kinds of strange men do you think would not hesitate to overlook everything that's unbefitting to date someone in your circumstance? You certainly aren't undateable because you're pregnant.And figure out how you are going to make this situation work as a sole parent. I'd have to wonder if you just didn’t bother to think this through, or whether you weren't self-indulgent to the point of gross negligence especially in light of your current situation.

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As a matter of fact, there are a whole bunch of guys out there who would *love* to date you just for the chance to bang a pregnant woman and some of them actually troll here for it.

You could easily become some guy's fetish and sexual novelty, with hints of a possibly dangerous unknown (is daddy completely MIA or not?? Exciting stuff, it would be like the sexual equivalent of bungee jumping.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Make those evenings off times with friends and family who will be supportive of you during this transitional time.

People where you don't need to be concerned about any ulterior motive.

But I think you'd be better off picking a guy who is kind to you, won't beat you, is willing to accept raising your two kids to help you with that, and is very financially stable.

Usually guys like this are a little older ( maybe early 30s in your country to have built a working career) and many just aren't very good looking to be honest.

Anyway, i fell pregnant, we i thought were both excited, i got to 8 weeks pregnant and all of a sudden to my knowledge he ran.

He said he couldnt deal with it etc, etc:i am obviously going ahead with the pregnancy because its what i/we wanted. i mean i know im a good mother and able to bring my children up alone, but the companionship side of it? " because it's what i/we wanted." Hmmmmmm from you own statement..not's a U...furthermore, a child NEEDS both parents...a kid needs a mom and dad..really do! take care of your kids...have decided to be a parent so be a parent...the best parent you can be.

Right now, what will be held against you by society in general and many men, is their perception of your judgment ( I mean that with no offense to you, just trying to be honest here) A lot of people will see getting pregnant again by someone who didn't work out with you before and they ran out on you as a sign of your bad judgment.


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