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== Results from == 100% Degradee 100% Exhibitionist 98% Primal (Prey) 98% Slave 98% Submissive 97% Pet 97% Rope bunny 93% Girl/Boy 92% Ageplayer 89% Non-monogamist 88% Experimentalist 86% Masochist 84% Voyeur 66%... I like to think I can be sweet and tender at times, and dark...

She has been able to control me whenever she wishes to this day, but I still domme her so...

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Hit me up for a chat, even if it's just about the weather.

Interested in a whole lot of things (right now I'm on a reading streak).

I graduated a few years back from University with my degree in business. Hoping to push my boundaries and explore some fantasies. I'm educated, well-read, and wildly sarcastic. Chances are you'll find me curled up on my couch with a bottle of vodka and a good book.

This has helped me grow in a professional career and keep moving up and forward in my life. My buddies who know me, feel free to message me and add again. My humor is dark and my thoughts aren't far from it.

My boobs are large and perky, and my cock is 8" long. My chatzy will be personal to all who want to play. Fine with talking to guys, trans, and futas too, why not?

Let me know and I will make one special for you...... If I want to have fun with a man I will contact you first. I certainly have it where it counts both physically and mentally.

I'm a horny older guy who's hungry for some wild and crazy kink.

I'm sex-deprived at present and need all the juice I c...

Your site must be of a high standard and provide a good quality moderated chatting environment.


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  2. You have 75,000 people living in a community with only one government school. It’s not about you.” I play that in my head over and over again. I felt strongly that I didn’t have to do this by myself and that there were other people who wanted to help. I was also learning about the sex industry, trafficking, brothels and how all of that works. That’s when we really decided to focus our efforts less on helping random kids go to school because we met them on the street [and] put our attention on the girls who are at highest risk for becoming sex workers and being trafficked. I feel like inner city America is a little bit more dangerous. They said, “You are going to die or this thing is going to work.” There was no middle road for me. In order to make this thing work, I’ve thrown every part of myself into it.

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  4. I guess you also noticed that Dutchies might be a little different from the girls where you’re from.

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