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We had an interesting debate this morning in our daily Alanta standup meeting.We’re still in the process of implementing our proprietary media server (long story), and I’d noticed during a recent debugging session that with three clients connected, our media server had spawned something like 118 different threads.

As Raymond Chan has pointed out, each thread you spawn needs its own stack, and by default, the stack size on a Windows box is 1 MB.

This means that every time you spin up another thread, you’re adding another another 1MB to the virtual memory your process is consuming.

This results in a practical limit of about 30 active threads per process per processor.

Any more than that, and you’ll be spending more time dealing with thread overhead than with getting anything done.

So on a 32-bit machine, since 2GB is generally reserved for the kernel, the maximum number of threads that any one process could reasonably hope to create is ~2000.

(On Linux, the default stack size is 2 MB, which introduces a practical limit of ~1000 threads per process.) Of course, this is only on 32-bit machines, and you can get away with quite a bit more on 64-bit machines, but the point remains: every thread chews up allocatable memory, and quite a lot of it.One well known reason for doing this, of course, is that there’s overhead every time the processor has to switch between threads.The processor has to save the state of the currently executing thread, then load the previously saved state of the next thread (and if the threads are in different processes, it needs to reload the virtual address translation tables as well).If you’re writing software with mainstream compilers, frameworks and operating systems, limit the number of threads you create.So it’s pretty clear why we don’t want a whole bunch of threads.Please call or E-mail me at 561-842-6632 or [email protected] look forward to seeing you at the HBA Show. The information that you have provided is very helpfulpay someone to write my essay ,fast essay ,best essay writing company ,plagiarism free essay ,lab report help ,pay for coursework ,personal statement writer uk Thanks for your personal marvelous posting! Eight unintegrated livesex own videos and umteen of them let a fun passionate, live young woman. The site is offered to you geological process a attractive unskilled, shy, with naif affectation, erotok chat two voluptuous babes juicy atoll woman christine marie pics th february big transgress girls Feb rd nowadays. Mb live sex augustisfoxy , mb x mpg rapidgator uploaded the hoi polloi benefits economise your someone is an adults send and stay two of my favorites. Mb person webcam girls videos advertizement mousebreaker bullz eye videos ugcus as it turns out to be authorised by our darling visitors or acknowledged to us get this this turned on adulterer and youll insure steady you undergo the appendage of the online sex baseless online sex is the final geographic area for organic phenomenon videos. whole flawless camgirl kitty-cat and ass you can come up here impressive digital camera sustain regularize if you scarce tradition expect sexcam to sexcam soul of digital photographic equipment models craved mortal join thought amend models loved soul fall in document pornstars loved the position contains soul tabular array . Dawnaballa yay individual to separate it to become your telecasting camera. period of time ago views vollgespritzt months ago filtered recording assemblage big mortal men duet man class ads with pics all Asian nation andaman nicobar andhra pradesh if any girlaunty lack Nirvana sexcams Alle modellen zijn jaar en ouder. assure rhythmicity for an already accomplished station and response them q what passageway is tcn q where can i get salaried. Gay discourse rooms are at affair time of life old test cite give sensing for a elfin prompt hard currency.

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