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The city came alive again in 1903 with the Klondike Gold Rush, when Seattle served as the departure city for miners bound for Alaska and the Yukon.

During this boom time, hills were flattened for development and the Lake Washington Ship Canal was created.

Seattle, Washington sits at one of the most beautiful spots in the United States.

Although there are formally 30 neighborhoods and their boundaries are not always clear, there's usually a proud feature that represents each neighborhood.: Downtown Seattle's commercial and financial core, home to the waterfront, the Pike Place Market, and some of the most stunning architecture in the city.

The northern area of Belltown has a collection of many of the city's best, if not most expensive, restaurants and bars.

Noticeable commercial activity is present in the Northgate, Aurora, and Lake City neighborhoods.

While in Seattle you will likely hear reference to the "Eastside", which refers to the region east of Lake Washington comprising the suburbs of Bellevue, Kirkland, and Redmond.

Denny of Chicago, who settled at Alki Point in West Seattle.

Confrontations between the original settlers initially flared, only to die out as the groups settled together on the Elliott Bay.

Englishman George Vancouver mapped the area in the 1790s, but the first white settlers didn't arrive until 1851.

Luther Collins led a party of settlers to the mouth of the Duwamish River (in what is today southern Seattle), followed shortly by a party led by the more notable Arthur A.

North Seattle The city's mostly residential and gently gentrifying northernmost tier, bordering Shoreline.

It contains many of the largest and prettiest parks of Seattle.

English is spoken virtually everywhere in the city but there are ethnic areas in South Seattle where Vietnamese and Tagalog are also commonly spoken, as well as Chinese and Japanese in the International District.

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