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Tristan participates on behalf of King Marke, unaware that “the prize” is the woman he fell in love with in Ireland.

He wins the tournament, only to discover the truth about Isolde and to see her betrothed to Marke.

Lord Marke of Cornwall (Rufus Sewell) plans to unify the peoples of Britain – Celts, Angles, Saxons and Jutes – under himself as high king to resist Irish domination.

Most lords agree to this, as Marke is highly regarded and respected as a fair and courageous leader.

Wictred then fatally stabs Melot and sneaks his army into the castle.

Marke and his forces swiftly become pinned down by Donnchadh’s army outside the castle and Wictred’s men within.

'We live in the same place,' Franco told the newspaper during a recent interview where he and Haze were mistakenly ordered two town cars instead of one as they left the Joe Allen restaurant in New York City.

Haze gives an acclaimed performance in Franco's film adaptation of the Cormac Mc Carthy novel which opened on Friday, and the Oscar-nominated actor has also cast his pal in his forthcoming movie version of The Sound And The Fury.

Tristan and other Cornish warriors launch an attack on an Irish slave caravan: in the battle, he finds himself fighting Morholt, Donnchadh’s champion and leader of his army, to whom Princess Isolde (Sophia Myles) has been promised in marriage.

Though he kills Morholt and Donnchadh’s forces are overrun, Tristan is severely wounded in the fight and believed dead, though he is in fact only suffering the effects of Morholt’s poisoned sword.

But Tristan (who tells Isolde that if they elope, they will be remembered for all time as those ) chooses instead to stay in England and fight for his king.

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