Stop ubuntu updating thunderbird

He intended Epiphany to comply fully with the GNOME human interface guidelines, with a very simple user-interface.

As Galeon was oriented towards power users, most developers saw the implementation of those guidelines as unacceptable.

As a result, Gritti created a new browser based on Galeon's codebase, with most of the non-mission-critical features removed.

The Unix philosophy is to design small tools that do one thing, and do it well.

Galeon continued after the fork, but lost its momentum due to the remaining developers' failure to keep up with the new features and changes Mozilla introduced.

The most notable of them was the new text entry widget, which first appeared in 1.8 stable version series.

The new widget supported icons inside the text area reduced the amount of screen space needed to present the information and improved GNOME integration.

Russian intelligence officials hired renowned cybercriminals to do their bidding in massive hacks that compromised Yahoo, Gmail, and other email accounts of millions of people in the US, Russia, elsewhere.

Balancing legacy infrastructure with emerging technologies requires laying a solid foundation that delivers flexibility, scalability, and efficiency.

While Gritti regarded Galeon's monolithic design and the number of user-configurable features as factors limiting Galeon's maintainability and user base expansion, the rest of the Galeon developers wanted to see more features added.

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