Sully erna married 2017 dating for 10 years

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His experiences prompt him to write of it as a "place that makes the South Bronx look like a tropical resort."Erna is now a drug-free father enjoying rock-star status, but "The Paths We Choose" doesn't titillate with details of that stardom.

Instead it probes his longtime street-punk anger in hopes of spurring similarly lost youths to do something constructive with their lives.

He also installed carpets and worked at a collection agency.

"My alias was Brad Sullivan for those of you who might have gotten a call from me," he writes.

Erna writes in an entertaining, fast-paced style, but it's not for the squeamish. The only son of divorced parents, he was expelled from nearly every school he attended. He stole money at 11 and at the same age did his first bong hit, a prelude to cocaine and other drugs.

He later burned his books in a school locker and would go to the Showcase Cinemas in Lawrence to smash the windows of cars and steal their stereo systems.

Doesn’t matter who you are; when you’re a dad, sometimes you gotta do dad things.

And that includes taking your daughter to see boy bands on a Friday night.

Erna's first band was called Slaughter, but its debut gig in Salisbury Beach in 1983 was canceled because police discovered cocaine in the dressing room.


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  4. Part of the problem, Caruana says, was that most men didn’t seem have anyone else to confide in.

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