about international dating - Taylor swift dating black guy

Somehow, though, every time he so much as kissed you, you cringed.

His laugh annoyed you, he wore the wrong clothes and, whenever you debated having sex with him, you felt nauseous.

John Mayer is no one’s Prince Charming, but he’ll write some brooding love song about you and, the next thing you know, he’s taken your virginity. It’s entirely possible Taylor liked hanging out poolside with Ethel Kennedy in Cape Cod far more than she enjoyed hooking up with Conor.

That’s all fine and good, just memorize his passwords.) is just like any local DJ you’ve ever dated, except he makes millions booking gigs in Ibiza. Harris embodies “bro” culture, showing off his abs and adventures in Vegas on Snapchat.

The average Joe version of this guy dropped your plans last minute for a sweet gig and assured you the hoards of girls rushing the stage were part of the job description.

The way I see it, Jonas is that high school sweetheart who promises you two will last through college then breaks up with you the second he boards the plane to FSU.

He still tries (and succeeds) to hook up when you’re both home for Christmas.

Like Swift, you probably gravitated toward older men because they seemed more mature than guys your age, but the attraction fizzled out.

According to Swift, her love affair with Harry Styles was perfect until she heard he was “hangin’ around with other girls.”This particular breed of man is hot and knows all the right things to say.

Since we all see a bit of ourselves in this modern day diva, let’s see how our dating lives reflect that of Taylor Swift.

In 2008, then country newbie Taylor Swift found love with boy-bander Joe Jonas.

Late yesterday, Taylor Swift introduced us to her brand new suitor: Tom Hiddleston, a man whom some of us know as our dreamy dream of a British dream boyfriend―oh, and an actor―while others are left asking... WELL, the rumors are terrible and cruel, but honey IF most of them are true..would be at a dinner leading up to the Met Gala on May 1.

Get to know about Taylor Swift's maybe-new boyfriend..wish you'd already been on the Hiddle-wagon: He is a human. Which is to say, it's paired with beard-type thing.

This “tortured artist” probably listened to Third Eye Blind’s “Slow Motion” in high school and believed the entire world was a hellhole he needed to write songs about.

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