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That way my students could also understand how to compose and decompose 11-19 using groups of tens and ones which is another standard of ours. Using ten frame foam mats and bingo chips as counters, we made teen numbers and explored numbers larger (depending upon the group) to see why they don’t have a one. Their eyes lit up in three out of four groups to begin to see that they could form larger numbers in counting by tens and then switching to ones.

The second time we met, they looked like deer in the headlights as I re-asked the question, “Why do teens have a 1? Using our clapping and snapping they wanted to put their counters and a partner’s counters together.

Here’s a math lesson I taught and the beauty behind letting kinders explore concepts over and over.

They've actually picked up on these number concepts pretty well and I could not be more proud!

We've been going through numbers 11-19, one number a day, for the past couple of weeks. ): The first time we watched the group of 10 song, I wanted my kids to have a deeper understanding of how the numbers are made.

Then, to make the number, I'd ask them, "How do you make the number 12? What ways have you found success with teaching the teen numbers to your kiddos?

" And we'd say "One group of ten, and two left over.

We are officially all in on working with the teen numbers in kindergarten.

My students are absolutely loving all of the activities we've been doing.I don’t want to say that I expected it, but I figured we’d need a few times of hitting this to really get the concept. Some of them may have appeared more confused than anything.Would we really be able to learn our teens better by understanding why 13 looks the way it does? I was holding onto the idea that I could better teach teen numbers in kindergarten by focusing on why the numbers look the way they do.) I used the digital connecting cubes math mats to model while the students had their own real cubes and whiteboards to follow along.First, the students drew a big circle on their whiteboards and put ten cubes inside.Teaching teen numbers in kindergarten using a composing and decomposing numbers approach.


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