The dating game walkthrough

This game has 8 Endings and the ending you get depends on who you engage in a relationship with.

When characters expire, they will confess their feelings if you had hung out with them. If you told an expiring character that you loved them or wanted to be with them once you enter the real world but then do the same for another, the more recently expired character is the one you will end with.

But it looks like it refreshes whenever your daily tickets are replenished, so then it goes back to Girl Power questions.

A hot coworker of yours is feeling down about work.

While a cast of characters are already present at the beginning of a game, there is an additional character that may be unlocked later.

Arlo makes his appearance sometime during the Story Mode plot.

A minor squabble threatens to turn into a stupid fight.

A random guy at a party wants to take you home with him. A sexy guy friend asks for a Valentine’s Day present. After going for three months, he says your stifling him! You can't give gifts to characters right away after meeting them.Talking to characters will increase your Relationship with them.And even when I got the answer wrong, the same question will appear again immediately after!

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