Tynauli skamze

per ton a^ad jajjadlepja Ascertain and telegraph us promptly araid \o_Q^,^r^v,rt^/^ who is responsible phojd /arajapnoja 376 l OUDV U : (-) dollars and 65 cents ep^ jloupyepwy] £61 2/9i Exchange ( — ) and f| 2/0 Sath }tevhasmath Ifobfesizza fobfe sizza Specimens of Verbatim Coding. shipment by steamer at your limit „ ( — ) under your limit for d'e Uvery „ early delivery „ „ shipment „ prompt shipment „ cash against documents draft attached to documents Boulder(s) Bound „ by Not bound by Bound for „ from Boundary(ies) (of) Bounty(ies) Bourse (see also "Market' Bow(s) Bowsprit Box(es) (of) „ of ( — ) dozens Boycott Boycotted Boycotting Branch j» at „ line Branches All branches Brand(8) -) pieces 25 Bazca Bevad Brass Brave (ry) Brazil Brazilian „ Government Breach (of) Breadth (of) „ and depth ( — ) breadth •) and ^ breadth •) and i , jandf — ) feet in breadth ) inches in breadth Break(s) Breakage(s) ,, and leakage Breakdown (in) Breaker(s) Breaking .. you What are yon chargin R (for) Chart(s) Charter(s) Do not charter Does the charter Cancel „ Cancelled „ Clause in ,, Form of charter Insert in charter Inserted in charter Conditions of charter Chief conditions of charter Copy of charter Government form of chartei Ofier to charter Firm offer to charter Are offered charter Submit offer to charter Can (could) charter Cannot chartei Can (tfould) you charter Fix charter Fixed charter Have fixed charter If the chartei Lump sum charter May (shall) we charter Not in charter Obtain „ Our charter On what terms can you charter Terms of charter „ and conditions of charter Their (his) charter Time charter Will (would) charter Your charter Charter at „ cancelled for „ „ one port „ „ two ports „ „ three „ „ „ one voyage „ „ two voyages „ „ three „ „ from „ her party „ provides (for) r, to „ with option of Chartered Not chartered 33 canem canla canme canop canpo canry canyr caogh caonj caoik caolm caonp caors caost caowy caozb capam capen capip capma capne capsy capur capys carir caros carpa carso carut caryv casre casto casuv catar catit catov catra catse catvo catyx caubd caucf cauhk cauil cavun caump caurt cauvy cavas cavet caviv cavsa cavte cavux cavwo cawat cawev cawta cawve cawyo cayav caycy cayh J cayix cayjm Chartered — continued Has been chartered (by) Have chartered „ not chartered .. „ 1/- „ 1/6 „ 2/- „ 2/6 „ 1 degree cheaper 2 degrees „ 3 » i II (-) -. Code— 4UU ,t II Cognisance comdo II II l UU „ 1, covmo Cognisant (of) Coincide(s) (with) Coincided „ comeb comod II general code „ insurance code covpy covyp cowak comuf „ merchants' code Coincidence comyg „ new code cowel Coinciding (with) comza 1, ^rase code tjowka Coke conab „ „ „ and supplement cowle Cargo of coke conba II II II II our „ cowno Foundry „ conce „ special phran code cowon Large „ 37 Cowup Cukgo cowup coyal coybt coyem coygz coynb coykd coyla coyme coyop coypo coyry cozam cozen cozip cozma cozne cozey cozys cramy cranz crard crasf . First portion of King's Speech at opening of British Parliament, 1906. up Breakwater Breeze Bribe(s) Bribed Bribery Bribing Bridge(5) Bridge ( — ) feet Brief Briefly Wire briefly Brig(8) Brigantine(s) Bright Brighten Brightened Brightening Brighter Brlng(s) Bringing Brisk Very brisk Briskly Briskness British „ Corporation „ Isles „ make „ Steamer „ Vessel British Columbia British Go Yernment('s) British North America Broad Broadening Broader Broadest Broke „ ofif „ near Broken „ down in ,, near beilv beipz beirc beizk bejre bejto bejwy bekra bekse bekvo bekyx belsa belte belwo belzy bemoy bemta bemuz bemve bemyo benoz benub benva benzo beohs beojt beonz beord beosf beo-wj bepbo bepiz bepob bepuc bepwa bepye beraz berbe berdo bereb bergy beric berod beryg berza besab besba besce besec besfo beshy besid besof besug besyn betac betde beted betgo betif betjy betog betun betyj bevad Broken — continued. you „ Chartered at „ Government for from her through to Charterer(s) If the charterer(s) Who are charterers Inform ,, Ask „ Charterers request Name of charrterer(s) Charterer(s) of „ name „ risk „ stipulate(s) for At charterers' option „ „ expense Chartering Chartering at „ for „ from „ her Recommend chartering Cheap Cheap at ,► for „ price (rate) Cheapen(8) Cheapened Cheapening Cheaper Likely to be cheaper Little cheaper Much „ Cheaper than 3d. Cheapest Cheapest to Cheaply As cheaply «vs possible Cheapness (of) Cheok(B) Checked Checking Chftckniate(d) Checkmating Caylp Cepse caylp cayoz cayps cayub cayva cayw© cayzo cazbo caziz ca,zob cazuc cazwa ca^e ceabd ceacf ceahk ceaql cealn ceamp ceart ceavy ceawz cebad cebda cebef cebfe cebho cebig cebon cebiji cebyk cecaf ceceg cecfa cecge cecio cecly cecoi ceouk cecyl ' ciftna Inferior „ cipuc 30 ciziia 725 *l cifbe Is she to coal at cipwa 35 cizik 750 )f oifsy Japanese coal cipye 40 cizje cizlo 775 II cifiir Large ciraz 45 800 f» ciiys Load „ cirbe 50 cizol 825 f] cigan Local „ cirdo 55 cizum 850 It cigep Mixed „ cireb 60 cizyn clahr 875 ♦» cigna Natal cir^ ciric 65 900 »f cigor Newcastle coal 70 clais clakt 925 )l cigpe N. W coal cirod 75 960 t cigro New Zealand coal ciruf 80 clalv 975 l» cigty No coal ciryg 85 clany 1,000 tl cigus North country coal cirza 90 clapz 1.100 41 cigyt Nut coal cisab 95 Glare 1,200 If cinap Part cargo of coal cisba 100 clasd 1,300 »l cihir Pennsylvanian coal cisce 110 clavg 1,400 1* cihos Price of coal cisec 120 clazk 1,500 » cihpa Quality of coal cisfo 130 clehs 1,600 »l cihso Quantity of coal cishy cisid 140 clejt 1,700 It cihut Requires ( — ) tons coal 150 clemy 1,800 II cihvy Russian coal cisof 160 clenz 1,900 II cihyv Scotch „ cisug cisyh 170 clerd 2,000 II ci. wy Small coal 220 climz 3,250 11 ci car Supply(ies) bunker coal citjy 230 clinb 3,500 tr ci] Icit Supply(ies) coal citog cituh 240 clirf 3.750 II cil cov Take(s)' coal at 250 clith 4,000 It ci] u-a Through and Through coal cityj 260 cli/i Tn 4,250 It ci] cse To coal ciugs ciunt 270 clofs 4,500 II ci] cvo Took ( — ) tons coal 280 clogt clonv 4,760 II ci] Icyx Tons of coal ciuly 290 5,000 II cfl as Transvaal coal ciumz 300 cloky 6,600 It ci] let Turkish ciurf 310 clolz 6,000 It ci] tiv Unscreened coal ciuth 320 clomb 6,600 11 ci] Isa Virginian „ ciuzm 330 clone 7,000 It ci] Ite Welsh coal civad 340 clorg 7,500 tt ci] lux West Hartley coal civda 350 closn 8,000 If ci] wo What coal will she require civef 360 clovk 8,500 11 ci] Izy Where is she to coal civfe 370 clowl 9,000 ft cimat Zongouldak coal civho 380 clozn 9,600 11 cimev 1 ton tf coal civig 390 cluds 10,000 II cimoy 1 i tons of coal civky 400 cluft 11,000 If cimta 2 civoh 410 clujy clulb 12,000 t* cimuz 2i .. cra"wj cremj B crenb crerf creth crewk crezia crifs crihv criky crilz crimb crinc crii|f crisn crivk crizn croiy crolb crond cropf crowm cruhy crulc crumd crunf icrurj crusk crutl cuagy cuanz cuald cuamf cuang cuapn cuark cuawp oubas oubet cubiv cubsa cubte Coke — continued. ahosb roowl idety ekzib anowg ayzuv ukmyh kajgo bynra tixyrir uvyat duhoy ukmyh atipy myojk ezguc dunta beyie OTe sty pie: razyo ekzib fyicy ukmyh akvir etyve umpux jigyv Combinations ready for trans- mission as one word. Bullion ex per „ shipped Bullocks Bulwark(s) Bump Bumped Bumping Bundle(s) Bungle(s) Bungled Bungling Bunker(s) (see also " Coal ") Bunker(s) at capacity for „ voyage fully steamer with Is she to bunker (at) Is to bunker (at) Fill bunker(3) Cross bunker(8) • In Permanent bunkers Side „ Spare „ ^ Steamer's „ Bunkered {see also " Coaled") Not bunkered To be „ Bunkered at by for „ steamer „ with Bunkering {see also " Coaling ") Bunkering at „ with Buoy(s) Buoyancy Buoyant Buoyed Burden (s) Burdened Burdening Bureau Veritas Class No. Been commissioned Commissionet(s) Commissioning Commit(s) Commitment (s) )) at date » to (with) Committed .1 by ,) to (with) Not committed (to) Committee(6) Committing Common Commoner Commonest Commonwealth Australian Commonwealth Communioate(s) „ immediately I, this to „ with Shall we communicate with Communicated Has been communicated „ not communicated (with) Have you „ „ To be communicated Communicated it „ to » with Communicating » with Are communicating with Communioation(s) In communication (with) No „ from Communication from ,f with Commute(s) Commuted Commuting Companies (see also.

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hand they have debited that fund with toe sum of £5,400 £6 in respect of certain amountn written down upon some of the securities held by the trust. Commence with Conso- nants in 1st i of word and Vowels in 2nd i, or vice versa. Three Continental ports Contingen Gy(ie8) To meet contingency(ies) Contingent (upon) Continual Continually Continuanoe Continuation Continue(s) Do not continue Shall we (I) continue To continue Continue (s) to » » be » very Continued Continued by » to Continuing (to) Continuity Continuous Continuously Contra Contraband Contract (see aiso" Contracts ") At what can (will) you contract „ „ will they contract Clause in contract Conditions of contract In contract Mail „ New „ No „ Outside the contract Our (my) contract Secure „ Secured „ Tender for contract Tendered for contract Terms of contract ,, and conditions of contract Their (his) contract Under contract Your „ Contract at for from signed to with Can contract „ not contract ..

Out of the amount provided under Article 83 for management expenses the trustees have again carried the sum of £1,500 to the credit of the trusts reserve fund. jhazefolgos I ubjokmyojk Uofabtaft K) jidvudphalc SSjgd jebrodukkib SSf }Kubadwitid ubjok myojk tofeb tafpo idvud phalc ? S% jerfgaveeod i SSTyh jrylanukmyh ESSr }pyn=tnahiyne S^^ jukmyhutyaa SSyh jnosnaukmyh omjde }aktoronyde ^Jf jlibyggifob Sw|y jj^tepfowgy ukmyh utyge hesyj ahawb bucyg ukmyh ubjok myojk tivsy umuks dupac ukmyh utyaz petaz ukmyhutyge heeyj ahawb bucygukmyh ubjokmy QJk tivsyumuka dupacukmyh .utyazpetaz ^^y^ Jukmyhplcay ^yh jukmyhg Uef g^e jomwrehjyt S^ jukmyhutyw KS jpetazlahzo saulg arzdo jsaulgarzdo SSS jtotwyn^ra BENTLEY'S TELEGRAPH CYPHERS. Specially useful as additional Cyphers for Merchants whose Figure Codes require a series of " 9 "s. you „ Do not „ May we (I) contract Shall „ Will contract „ not contract » you „ If you contract „ the „ Contracted » at , to 44 Diyks Doraz diyks diylt diyof diyug dizac dizca dizde dized djzgo dizif diqy dizog dizuh dizyj doack doagn doals doamt doanv doarz doasb doavd doawf dobai dobek dob U dobia dobke dobmo dobpy dobyp docak docel docka docle docno docon docup dodal dodem dodla dodme dodop dodpo dodry dodyr doeks doelt doemv doepy doerb doewg dofam dofen dofip doftna dofne dofey dofur dofys dogan dogep dogna dogor dogpe I Contracted — continued.

SUPPLEMENTARY DISTINGUISHABLE CYPHERS PRICES: TWO-VOWEL PREFIXES, (In addition to Prioes of 1 to 900 MILLION SERIES quoted above) • TWO-VOWEL SUFFIXES, , [ FIVE-LETTER ENGLISH WORDS , „ „ „ „ „ ■ 1016 11- 516 Title of Series, Character of Cyphers. The first ^-Cypher taken from that book refers to the Figure Code or Table, and the Second ^-Cypher can give a range of 29999 variation* for each Code. 60 „ azigt aziky II i 90 „ II „ 120 „ azilz „ „ 1 month's date azirg „ „ 2 months' „ azizn II II ^ II II azjat II II ^ II II azjev II II " II II azjoy Bill of Entry aziuz azkav Bill(s) of Exch. you „ Covered at „ for dulib duloc dulud dulya dulze dumaz dumbe dumdo dumeb dumic dumod dumuf dumyg dumza dunab dunba dunec dunfo dunid dunof dunug duny K duocs duodt duohy duolc duonf duown dupac dupca dupgo dupif dupog dupvm dupyi duraf dureg durfa durge durjo duroi duruk duryl , dusag dusga dushe dusij dusko dusmy dusok dusul dutah dutha dutik dutie dutlo dutny dutol dutum dutyn duvaj duvek duvil duvia duvke Covered — continued. Cypher(s) {see also " Code ") Bentley's cyphers „ 900 million cyphers 400 ,, 100 ,, „ Copies of Bentley's cyphers Old cyphers New „ Whitelaw's 500 million cyphers „ l,02o ,, „ „ 407,600 cyphers Berne vocabulary „ Terminal arrangeinent of Bentley's cyphere Cwt(s).

In the same way a message could start with say " 999 " taken from " Numerah," and could be added to " 9999 " taken from the " 100 Million Cyphers," thus giving a range of 9999999. Royal Bank of Scotland Russian Bank for Foreign Trade [merciai Soci6t6 Generale de Credit Industriel et Com- JSoc UU Gtnerale pour favoriser le dt^veloppeinent du Cominet M 1 et de I'lndu^trio en Franco Standard Bank of South Africa, Ltd^ Swiss Bankverein Union Bank of Australia, Ltd. (see also "Bill" mi Bill of Health ["Dbapt'1 a^khe Clean bill of health azkix Foul „ „ „ azkoz Bill(s) of liading aakub Clean B/L azliz Clause of B/L azlob Endorsed on B/L 23 Azluc Bafje azluc azmay azmez azmib a^zmoc azmud aznaz azneb azrdc aznod aznuf aznyg azods azoft azoiy azolb azond azopf azowm azpab azpec azpid azplo azpof azpug azpyh azrad azref azri] azro azrui azryk azsaf azseg azsin azsoj azspo azsuk azsyl aztag azten aztij aztok aztre aztsa aztul aztym azucs azudt azuhy azulc aziimd azuri azusk azutl azvah azvik azvol azvro azvum azvyn azwai azwek azwil azwom Bill(8) of Li ABi NG — continued. Covered risk (at, of) Covering Crack (s) (in) Cracked Cracking Craft Crane(s) Crank(s) Crank Shaft Crate(s) Create(s) Created (by) Creating Credence Credentials Credible(ly) Credit(s) Amount at credit What is amount at credit (of) Shall (may) we credit On credit (To) our (my) credit „ their (his) „ „ your credit Credit balance „ for „ from „ it „ of „ them (him) with „ us (me) with „ you with Credited Has (have) been credited (with) „ not been credited (with) Have we (I) been credited „ • „ they ( h") been credited „ „ you been credited (with) Credited by » in „ to „ with Crediting Crediting it (to) Creditor(s) Meeting of creditors Crew(s) European crew Lascar crew Native „ New „ Present „ Crew and passengers „ for „ of „ saved Criminal Cripple(s) Crippled (by, for) Crippling Crisis (in) During present crisis Present crisis Seriouu „ saved 47 Duvmo Dypay duvmo duvpy duvyp duwak duwel duwon duwup duyal duybt duyem duygz duyhb duykd duyla du3n3ae duyop du3rpo dujrry duzam duzen duzip dtizma duzne duzsy duzur duzys dyaks dyalt dyamv dyapy dyaro dyasc dyawg dybak dybel dybka dyble dybno dybon dybup dycaf dycet Q dycla dycop dycpo dycry dycyr dydam dyden dydip dydma dydne dydsy dydur dydys dyejs dyekt dyelv dyeny dyepz dyerc dyevg dyezk d3rfan dyfep Critical Very critical Criticise(s) Criticised Criticising Criticisin(s) Crop(s) Cross Crosscut Cross examination Cross examine Cross examined Crossed Crossing Crowd(s) Crowded (with) Crowding Crown(s) Crowned Crovrning Crude Crude Oil Cruise(s) Cruised Cruiser(s) Cruising Crush Crushed Crusher(s) Crushing(s) Cubic Cubic capacity ., feet per ton ( — ) cubic feet per ton 40 60 (— ) thousand cubic feet Cubic metre(s) „ yards Cubical Culniinate(s) (in) Culminated (in) Culminating (in) Culpable (negligence) Cultivate(s) Cultivated Cultivating Cultivation Cumbersome Cumulative Cum div. {see " Hundredweights ") D Daily Dairy produce Damage(s) Claim(s) damage(s) Telegraph estimated damage Is damage serious Estimated damage Extent of „ No damage(8) Serious damage(s) Slight What will damage(s) amount to Damage caused by Damage(s) from (by) „ in to „ „ ship Damaged Is it damaged Has it „ „ not damaged Seriously „ Slightly ,.

you „ Do not „ May we (I) accept Shall „ „ In case of need accept „ „ may we (I) accept What would they (he) accept „ „ you accept „ may we (I) accept Accept if cannot do better » it „ „ subject to „ less „ our (my) „ their (his) » your Not accept v To „ Acceptable (to) Acceptance(s) {see also " Bill " & "Diun") Bill for acceptance Aaali Acj^a Accept ance(s) — continued. a bagke Booked about ["Cargo") » at bagmo ,, by bagpy „ cargo bagyp banak „ for „ from bahel „ passengers bahka „ order bahle „ to bahno „ „ date bahon What has (have) been booked bahup Have booked baich „ not booked baifk „ you booked baijn Booking(s) baipt baitz No booking(s) Booking (s) at baixd „ cargo bajal „ for bajem „ from bajla „ passengers bajme Are booking bajop „ not booking bajpo „ you booking baiyr bakam Total bookings Telegraph bookings baken Books bakip Boom (in) bakma Boot-topping bakne Border(s) (of, on) bakur Bore(s) bakys Bored . 8d/s 10 „ 80 „ 60 „ 90 „ 120 „ 30 d/d 60 „ 90 „ 120 „ Few days For a few days How many days In a few days Eunning days Working days Weather working days Number of days Save her days Day(s) for „ time ( — ) days, Sundajrs and holidays exceptei) Daybreak Daylight Daytime Dead Dead-lock Dead -weight ( — ) tons dead-weight fe— ) „ „ OB draught of ( — ) feet ead-wei^t capacity „ cargo Deal {see also "Deals") Dealer(s) Dealing Deals „ and ends „ „ battens ( — ) stds.

aca\j Discount acceptance ackyn acamk Discounted „ aclai aclek acarp Dishonoured acceptance acavs Negotiate „ aclil acawt Negotiated „ aclom acbay Note acceptance aclun acbez Noted acceptance aclyp acbib Note and protest acceptance acmak acboc Noted and protested acceptance acmel acbud Protest acceptance acmim accaz Protested acceptance acmon acceb Renew „ acmup accic Renewed „ acogh acobj accod Retire acceptance accuf Retired acceptance acoik aco m accvo Retiring acceptance accwe Take their (his) acceptance aconp accyg acdab Draft for acceptance acors Has acceptance been honoured acowy acdec May we take their (his) acceptance acozb acdid Subject to prompt acceptance acpam acdof Have honoured acceptance acpen acdug acdyn Our (my) acceptance(8^ acpip Their (his) „ acpla acebz Your acceptance(s) acpur acefd Acceptance(s) at 80 d/d acpys acelk 1) » 60 „ acrir acets II 1 1 90 „ acros acevt If il20 „ acrut acezy II , 1 month's date acryv acfac II , 2 months' „ acser acfed II 1 ^J II II acsis acfif II 1 * i» II acsmo acfog acfua II 1 6 „ II acsne II , 8d/8 acsot acfyj 11 1 80 „ acspa acgad II 1 60 „ acsuv acgef II 1 90 „ actar acgig acgon ,j II 120 „ actit II „ 1 month's sight actno acgin acgyk adnaf II „ 2 months' „ actov II II 8 i» II actpe II II * II II actyx acubd achbo II II 6 » »i achce for acucf achda of acuhk acheg achih on „ „ London acuql aculn achoi achuk „ payable acump Accepted acurt achyl Has it been accepted acuvy acixy „ been accepted acvas acjag acjeh Have (has) accepted acvet „ „ not accepted acviv ac^ij „ you accepted acvra acq ok 1, they „ acvux acqul „ (has) been accepted acwat acijmi ac Kah „ „ not been accepted acwev Accepted by acwre ackdo 1, it acyav ackfe „ our (my) acyix ackga ackik „ subject to acyoz „ the acyro ackol „ their (his) acyse ackum II your acj^ Accepting Are accepting „ not accepting •I you „ Recommend(s) accepting Accepting it (them) Acceptor(s) Access (to) Accessible Accessories(y) Accident(s) Cause of accident Has met with accident What was cause of accident Will the accident Accident will II II not How long will accident del»y (her) Is the accident serious Serious accident Slight Accident caused by II is II II not on II to „ „ ship (steamer) Accidental Accidentally Acconimodate(s) Accommodated Accommodating Accommodation 1st class accommodation 2nd „ „ 8rd „ „ 1st & 2nd class accommodation Cargo accommodation Vacant cargo „ „ passenger accommodation Has accommodation I, she „ No Require „ Reserve „ Reserved „ Steerage „ Vacant „ What vacant accommodation has she No accommodation available Accommodation available „ for cargo „ „ passengers Ist class »l II »» Accompanied (by) Accompajiy(ies) Accompanying Accomplish Accomplished Accomplishing Acoord(s) with In accord „ (mi) Aocofdance (with) 2nd Srd Acyub Adsnre acy Tib aczdz aczob aczuc adald adamf adan^ adap E adark adawp adbas adbet adbiv adbux adcat adcev adcoy adcuz addav addiz addoz addub addvo addwe adebt adefy adegz adekd adelf ademg aderl adfiz adfob adfiio adgay adgez adgib adgoc adgud adnaz adbeb adhic adhod adhuf adhyg adipk adirm adizt adjab adqec adqid adjof adqug adlyh adkac adked adkif adkog adkuh adkjn adlad Is it in accordance with adlef Acknowledgment (of) Is in „, adliff adlon Acquaint {see a Uo "Infokm") Is not in „ „ Acquaintance (with) In accordance with our (my) adli:n adlyk Acquainted (with) „ „ „ letter Acquainting {see cdsa " Informing ") „ „ „ telegram admaf Acquie Bce(s) in „ „ „ their (his) admeg Acquiesced (in) » » „ your admih Acquiescence Accorded admoj admii c Acquiescing (in) According (to) («e also " Accordance ") Acquire (s) Acquirea Is not according to admyl Accordingly adnag by Account (s) adneh Acquirement (of) Balance of account adn\j Acquiring Clients' account adnok Acquisition Company's „ adnul Acquit(s) In account adnym Acquitted (of) How do you account for adocy Acquitting (On) whose account adod2 Aore(s) „ our (my) account ado M „ of land „ their (his) „ adojf Acreage „ your account adonk Across „ joint „ adosp Act {see also " Acts ") On account (of) adows Act according to Our (my) account adoxt „ accordingly Steamers account adpah How shall we (I) act Their (his) „ adpho Act as Your „ adpik Act immediately Annual accounts adpol Act of God Half years „ adpum Aot(s) of Parliament Send account(s) adpyn Acted Accounts for adsal Acted upon from adsem Have (has) acted Accountable adsin „ „ not acted Acoountant(s) adslo Acting Chartered Accountants adsme Not acting Accounted adsna Action Accounted for adsop Further action Accounting (for) adsyr Legal „ Accoutrements adtam Strong action Accredited adten What action shall we (I) take Accrue (s) adtip Take legal action Accrued adtmo Take immediate action Accruing adtur Await instructions before taking further action- Accumulate (s) adtys Action against Accumulated aduby Actionable Accumulating adugd adujj Active Accumulation (of) Less active Accuracy adumk More active Accurate adurp Very active Not accurate aduvs Actively Accurately advan Activity Not accurately advep No activity Accurateness advor Acts Accusation advus Actual Acouse(5) advyb . balan Boring(s) balep Born balna Borne (by) balor Borneo balpe „ North balro Borough balus Borrow(s) balyt Borrowed bamap ' It at bamir by bamos „ from bampa on bamso Borrower(s) bamut Borrowing hamyv Both (of) jbaner Both been banre Bottle(s) ban to Bottom banuv „ damaged baogm „ undamaged baohn Double bottom baojp Cellular •„ baont Ship's baory Bottomry baosz „ Bond baowd bapar bapit bapov bapra bapse bapvo bapyx barat barev baroy barta baruz barve baryo basav bascy basix basoz basub basva baswe baszo batiz batob batuc batwa batye bauck baugn bauls baumt baurz bausb bauvd bavay bavco bavez bavib bavoc bavud bavya bavze bawaz bawbe bawdo baweb bawgy bawic bawod bawuf bawyg bawza bayab bayba bayce bayec bayfo bayhy bayid bayks baylt bayof hayvig bazac Bought Not bought Have bought „ not bought •• you „ What have you bought We (I) have bought Bought at your limit Bought at » by „ for „ from „ in „ it „ c. of deals and battens Dealt » in „ ^vith Not dealt with Dear Too dear Dearer Much dearer Dearth (of) Death(s) (from) Debar(s) Debarred (from) Debarring Debatable Debate Debated Debating Debenture(s) £8^ per cent, debentures £H „ £H „ £H „ £5 £5 10s.

on the Deferred Stock this will absorb i B9,900 £76 and the Trustees recommend that the balance of £13.000 294 be carried forward to the credit of the Deferred Stock holders. Enables users of Bentley's Complete Phrase Code of 990 Million Phrase Combinations to indiscriminately mix therewith any Numbered Sentences from A. C., Western Union, Lieber, or private codes, and at once identify them. Conclude(s) it „ that Concluded Has been concluded Have concluded „ not concluded » you „ Been concluded Finally concluded Not „ Concluding Conclusion (a) No conclusion arrived at At the conclusion (of) Conclusive Conclusively Concur(s) (in) Concurred (in) Concurrence Concurrently Concurring Condemn (s) Condemned Condemning Condensation Condense(s) Condensed Condenser(s) Condensing Condition {sea also " Conditions ") Condition of „ that On condition that What is the condition of In good condition „ bad „ „ fair „ Conditional „ upon Conditionally „ agreed „ accepted upon Conditions {see also "Condition ") Chief conditions Terms and conditions What are the conditions On what conditions oanyou If the conditions Conditions of Condolence(s) Conduce(s) (to) Conduced (to) Conducing (to) Conducive (to) Not conducive to Conduct(s) of Conducted by „ with Conducting Confer(s) {see alio "Consult") Conference(s) (of) 41 Daron Dejok daron darup dasal dasem dasla dasme dasop daspo dasry dasyr datam daten datip datma datne datsy datur datys dau^d dav Uj daumk daurp dauvs davan davep davna davor davpe davro davty dawis davyt dawap dawir dawos dawpa dawso dawut dawvy dawyv daybz dayer dayhg daylk dayre dayto dayuv daywy dazar dazit dazov dazra dazse dazvo dazyx deaby deagd dealj deamk dearp deavs deawt debay debco debez Oo«r ZB3ES(m{B)-—conliniied.

In addition to the receipts from interest and dividends credited to revenue account the trustees have realised a further sum of £26,000 839 i S balance of profits and losses N on securities sold etc., and they have carried that Mnount to the credit of the reserve fund On the other Five-letter Code Words. 100 MILLION 00000000 99999999 10 £1 10/- Commence with Vowels in 1st and 2nd ^ of each word. Conference at „ with „ lines In conference with Conferred {see also " Consulted ") „ with Conferring {see also "Consulting") ,, with Confess (es) Confessed Confessing Confide(s) Confided Confidence (in) In confidence „ strict confidence No confidence in Confident (that) Confidential Strictly confidential Confidential informatioa „ letter „ „ dated „ telegram For your confidential information Confidentially „ informed Confidently „ believe Confiding Confine(s) Confined (to) Confining Confirni(s) Confirm- this (it) „ „ by wire We (I) confirm Confirmation (of) Subject to immediate confirmation Have you confirmation Telegraph your confirmation No confirtnation (of) Confirmatory Confirmed Confirmed by (in) Confirming Confiscate Ts) Confiscated Confiscating Confiscation Confiiot(s) (with) Will (would) conflict with Conflicted (with) Conflicting (with) Confonn(^ (to) Conformably Conformed (to) Conforming (to) Conformity (with) In conformity with Is not in conformity with Confound(s) Confounded (with) Conf Use(B) Confused (with) debib deboc debud debya debze decaz decbe deceb decgy decic decod decuf decyg decza dedab dedba dedce dedec dedfo dedhy dedid.

Advised by agcup Great advantage agpob „ of Np agpuc „ them (him) agdem Advantage of agrho „ to agdin to agsab „ us (me) agdop Advantageous agsec ,. Decreased to Decreasing Decree(s) Decreed / Decreeing Deduct(s) Deduct from it Shall we (I) deduct Must deduct Deducted Been deducted Not (been) deducted Deducted by for „ from Have deducted „ you deducted Must be deducted Deducting After deducting Before „ Deduction(s) for „ from Deed(s) Deeni(s) Deemed (to be) Deeming Deep Too deep Very deep Deepen Deepened Deepening Deeper Deepest Deeply Defalcation(s) Default Defaulted Defaulter(s) Defaulting Defeat (s) Defeated Defeating Defect(s) (in) Defective Very defective Defectively Defenoe(s) Defend (s) Defendant(s) Defended Defending Defensive Defer(s) Sha U we (I) defer Deference (to) Deferential Deferred Has been deferred Deferring Defiance Defiant 51 Edkol Efjyh Pg A^B) l»w H«l,r edkol Deficiency edylo Will (t delay edkum Deficient (iu) edymfi 'How long will it delay edkwo Very deficient edyna Wi U delay (it) „ not delay pt) edkyn Deficit edyoa edlaj edlek of 6d3rub No delay „ in edrnz Serious delay edl U Shows a deficit of edzmo Delay in edlom Defied edzne „ of edlun Define(s) edzob „ to edlyp Defined edzpa Delayed edmak Defining edzuc How long wi U it (she) be delayed edmel Definite efa«y efanz Seriously delayed edmim No definite Delayed at (in) edmon Definitely efald » by edmup It has been definitely efamf for ednal Not definitely efang efapfi owing to ednem „ "„ • arranged „ steamer ednin Definitely arranged efark Will be delayed ednop „ decided efawp „ not be delayed ednyr Definiteness efbas Delaying Is (are) delaying edogh Definition efbet «donj Definitive efbiv What is „ edoik edolm Definitively efbux Delaying it Defiect(s) efcat Delcredere edonp Deflected efcev Delegate(s) edors Deflecting efcoy Delegated edost Deflection efc Tiz Delegating edowy Defraud(s) efdav Delegation edozb Defrauded efdix Delete(s) edpam Defrauding efdoz Deleted (from) edpen Defray(s) efdra Deleting edpip „ cost (of) efdub Deletion(s) edpur „ expenses (of) efefy Deliberate edpys edrna, Defrayed Defraying efegz efekd Deliberated Deliberately edser Defy(ies) efelf Deliberating ed Mfo edsne Defying Degrade efemg eferl Deliberation Delicacy ledstfl Degraded effiz Delicate edi^a Degrading effbb Delight edsuv Iegree(s) effre Delighted edtar 1 degree efi^ „ to hear isdtes 2 degrees efl Pao Dellver(s) edtho 8 „ e^y Deliver at edtit 4 .. „ from „ here „ immediately „ terms „ there „ to Delivering Delivery(ies) Earhest delivery Early Forward „ Monthly „ On Prompt „ Rate of „ What delivery can yon give Delivery must be Stop delivery Delivery at (in) by „ steamer during „ all to Deinand(s) (see ais*" Request") Good demand (for) No Small „ „ Shall we (I) demand Is there any demand for Demand for „ from „ that Demanded by Have demanded Demanding Demolish(es) Demolished Den Krilshlng Demonstrate(s) Demonstrated Demonstrating Demonstration (s) Demoralise(s) Demoralised Demoralising Demur(s) Demurrage ( — ) days' demurrage No demurrage On Demurrage at begins of „ on steamer „ per day When does demurrage begin What is rate of demurrage Demurred Demurring Denial ef Vor ef Vus efvyt ef Vap efwir efwos efw Tit efvvyv efyer efyis efyko- efyle efyma efyot efyuv efzar efzes efzit efelo efeov efeyx egags egant egaly egamz eganb egarf egath egawk egazm egban egbep egblo egbor egbus egbyt egcap egcir egcos egcut eg C3rv egder egdis egdot egduv egefs egegt egeky egelz egemb egenc egerg egevk egewl egezn egfar egfes egfit egfov egfra egfyx eggas egget eggiv eggre Denied Denier(s) Denies (see also " Deny ") Denmark Denomination(s) Denounce (s) Denounced Denouncing Dense Densely Density Dent(s) Dented Denting Denude(s) Denuded Denuding Deny (see also " Denies ") „ having Denying Depart(8) (from) (s«ea Zso" Leave" and "Sail") Departed (from) Departing (from) Department(s) Departmental Departure(s) Hasten departure Postpone „ Departure for „ from o£ Depend (s) (upon) Will depend upon Depended (upon) Dependence Dependent (upon) Depending (upon) Deplete Depleted Depleting Depletion Deplorable Deplore(s) Deplored Deploring Deposit(s) Shall we (I) deposit Arrange for a deposit (of) Must deposit To Deposit account in „ it „ money of „ rate „ with Deposited Deposited by „ with „ in bank Have (been) deposited „ not (been) deposited Not deposited Depositing 53 Eggsa Ekafd eggsa eggux eghat eghev eghoy eghuz ^ift «gijy egilb egipf egjav egjix egjoz egiub egkiz egkob egkuc egkwa eglay eglez eglib egloc eglud egmaz egmeb egmic egmod egmuf egmyg egnab egnec egnid egnof egnug egnyn egocs egodt egohy egolc egonf egorj egosk egown egpac egped egpif egpog egpun egpyj ^ ^sag egsdo egseh egsfe egsga egsij egsok egsiil eg Bym egtah egtha ^ik egtol egtum egtyn egubs Depositor(s) Depot(s) Ex clepot(s) Deprecate(s) Deprecated Deprecating Depreciate(s) Depreciated Depreciating Depreciation No depreciation Depreciation of „ on Rate of depreciation Depress(es) Depressed Very depressed Depressing Depression Depri Ye(s) Deprived (of) Depriving Depth(s) ( — ) feet depth ( — ) feet and ^ depth Depth from „ moiilded What is the depth Deputation (s) Depute{s) Deputed by ,, to Deputing Deputy(ies) Derange(s) Deranged Deranging Derelict Deriye(s) Derived (by) „ from Deriving Derrick(s) Desatine(s) Describe(s) Described by in As described Describing Description (s) of What description (s) „ „ is -wanted Desert Deserted • Deserted, stop allotment Deserter(s) Deserting Deser Ye(s) Deserved Deserving De8iderata(um) Design (s) New design eguct egugy egiinz eguld egumf eguph. ,, low Stock Exchange Stock-jobber(s) Stock-owner(s) Stockbroker(s) Stocked Stocking Stokehold(s) Stoker(s) Stoking Stole Stolen Stone(s) Stood I Stop(s) Stop sending Stopes Stoping Stoppage(s) Stopped » ai Stopping Storage Cold storage Storage availabb Store (see also " Storbs " ' „ and insure ,, the goods Stored „ and insured ., in Goods stored Stores (s M also " Stork ") Bonded stores Cold Tujie Tyd em tujle tuqno tujon tugup tukal tukem tukla tukme tukop tukpo tukyr tulam tulen tulma tulne tulur tulys tuman tumep tumna tumor tumpe tumro tumus turajrfc tunap tunir tunos tunpa tunso tunut tunyv tuoch tuofk tuohm tuojn tuons tuopt tuosy t UOVD tuoxd tuper tupre tupto tupuv tiiras turet turiv tursa turte tunix turwo turzy tusat tusev tusoy tusta tusuz tusve tusyo tutav tutix tutoz tutub tutva Stores — continued.

yon agdso Not advantageous agsid Adviser(s) agdyr ageks Very S'^e Advises (see also " Advise '• Advantageous for Advising agelt to agsla ■ Are advising agemv „ terms agsof Advocate (s) agepy Advantageously agsug Advocated agerb Adverse agsyh Advocating agewg Adversely agtac Affair(s) agfam Ad Yert(s) (to) agted Combined affair a^en Adverted (to) agtif Affect(s) agfip Adverting (to) {see atio " Refebbino") agtko Seriously affect (s) a,gmr Advertise agfcle Affected agfys „ steamer agtoe agtu B by aggan Shall we advertise Affecting aggep Do not advertise agtyj Seriously affecting aggor Advertised agugs agxmt Affldavit(s) (of) aggus Being advertised Afl Sdavit(s) to the effect aggvo Advertised to sail a^y Swear an aftida\'it aggwe „ for sale agumz Affiliated (with) aggyl agnap Advertisement(s) agurf Afflrm(s) Advertising agutb Afi Brmative aghir Advice(s) aguzm reply aghos Have you (any) advice of agvad Affirmed aghut „ received advice of agvef Affirming aghyv „ no advice (of) agvig Affix agijs agikt Advice(s) from of agvlo agvoh Affixed (to) Affixing agilv Latest advices (of) agvt^ agvyk Afford(s) agipz Telegraph latest advices (of) Afforded agirc Advisability (of) agwaf Affording a? National Bank of Egypt National Bank of India, Ltd. efgez in(to) edtov 6 „ efgib » it edtyx eduod 6 „ 7 „ efgoc e%ro „ to Can deliver ©ducf 8 „ 9 „ efeud efhaz Cannot „ Can you deliver eduil eduln edump ©durb 10 „ efbeb Expect to deliver 1 degree more 2 degrees „ efhic efhod efhuf When can you deliver Do not deliver May (shall) we (I) deliver eduvy edvas edvet fidviv 4 efhyg Delivered 1 degree less 2 degrees „ efijd efilg efipk Been delivered If Not (been) delivered U\A V * ▼ edvux ^ tt if efinn To be dehvered edwat edwev ( — ) degrees of price { — ) degrees under your quotation efjab efiec efjid e Qof Have „ „ not delivered edwoy edwuz edyav edyix (— ) „ over „ Delay(s) Do not delay Cause of delay i you „ Was (were) „ Delivered at (in) by 52 Efkac Eggre Dsi Ay ERED— continued. egurk egvai egvek egvil egvom egvun egwa J egwel egwho egwim egwon egwup egyal egyem egyin egyjo egyke egyla egyop egzam egzen egzip egzko egzur egzys ehbko ehbma ehclo ehcna ebdmo ehdpa ehgra ehita enkso ehkva ehlto ehlwa ehmvo ehnza ehrbo ehrda ehsco ehsfa, ehtga ehvha ehyho ehyka ebzla ejbla ejcle eq^o eqisa ejkro ejwha ejyfo eqyja ekabz ekafd Designate(s) Designated Designating Designed (to) by ,, for Designer(s) Designing Desirability (of) Desirable It is not desirable If desirable Very „ Desirable for » to Do you think it desirable „ not „ „ Think it desirable Desirableness Desire(s) {see also " Wish ") No desire (to) Desire that „ to „ you to Desired As desired Not „ Desired by Desiring Desirous Not desirous (of) Very „ Desirous of (to) Desist (from) Desisted (from) Desisting (from) Despair(s) (of) Despaired (of) Despairing (of) Despatch {see also " Despatches ") When can you despatch Hasten despatch (of) Despatch it (them) „ steamer Despatched To be despatched Despatched by for (to) „ from „ on Will be despatched Has been despatched „ not been despatched Have you despatched Despatches {see also " Despatch ") Await despatches Latest „ Despatching Despatching it (her) Desperate (ly) Despite Despondency Despondent Destination At destination 54 Ekahg Ekzja ekahg ekalk ekats ekavt ekazy ekbaz ekbeb ekbic ekbod ekbuf ekbyg ekcab ekcec ekcid ekcla ekcof ekcuff ekcyfi ekdac ekded ekdif ekdog ekdtm ekdyj ekexy ekfad ekfef ekfig ekflo ekfoh ekfai ekfyk ekgaf el^eg ekgih ekgoj ekgxus: ekgyl eknag ekhen ekhij ekhok ekhul ekhym ekigh ekilm ekirs ekizb ekjah elqik elqol ekjum ek^iyn ekkai ekkek ekkil ekkom ekkre ekksa ekkun ekkyp eklak eklel eklim Destination — continued. Meat Stores Take Ship(s) „ Storing Storm (s) Heavy storm(s) Stormed Storming Stormy Very stormy Stove (in) Stow(s) Stowsige (of) Stowed (in) Stowing Straight {see also " Direct ") „ from to Straighten(s) Straightened Straightening Straighter Straightforward Strain(s) Strained Straining Straits (of) Via the Straits Straits Settlements Strake Strand Stranded Stranded at (off) ,, here „ near on Stranding Strange Stranger(s) Strata(um) Strategic(ly) Stratification Stray Streak(y) Stream Street(s) Strength (of) Strengthen (s) our (my) hands „ your hands Strengthened (by) Strengthening Strenuous Strenuously Stress Stretch(s) Strict Strictly Is not strictly Must (be) strictly Strictness (of) Strike(s) During the strike(s) Strike(s) at Owing to strike (of) tutwe tutzo tuvbo tuviz tuvob tuvuc tuvwa tuvye tuway tuwez tuwib tuwoc tuymd.

General Land and Property Trust final dividend at the rate ot 7 per cent. Busily Businew Business has gone' past us Secure the business Lose the „ Do not miss the business With business firm in hand Do the business No business Offer the business (to) Are offered the business Have lost „ „ „ secured the business Prospect of business The business Business offering „ with Busy Too busy Very busy But But if „ not » we (I) Butt(s) Buy {see also " Offkr " and " Quote ") Buy at „ best price „ not exceeding for from it to arrive cash against documents c.&f. New company ' Our (my) company Their (his) „ Limited company Your company Arrange for company Arrange with company Can the company Will „ „ Company can „ cannot » will » „ not If tn9 company ■»^ » i Company Idmited Company's Comparable Comparative 39 Cjrfle Daahz cyfle cyflio C37fon cyfup cygal cygem cygla cygme cygop cygpo cygyr cynam cyhen cyhip cyhma cyhne cyhur cyhys cyick cyign cyils cyirz cyjan cyiep cyjna cyjor cyjpe cy^ro cy)ty cyjus cyiyt cykap cykir cykos cykpa cykso cykut cykvy cykyv cyler cylre cylto cyluv cylwy cymar cymit cymov cymra cymse cymvo cymyx cynas cynet cjmiv cynsa C3mte cynux cynzy cyoks cyolt cyopy cyorb cyosc cyowg cypat Comparatively Coinpare(s) (with) Compared (with) As compared with Comparing Comparison(s) „ between In comparison with Compartment(s) Fore compartment Aft Watertight compartment Compass(es) Compatible (with) Compel(s) „ them (him) „ us (me) » you Compelled to Been compelled to Not „ „ Are we compelled to Compelling Compensate(s) Compensated (by) Compensating Compensation Claim compensation Compensation for Compete(s) Can compete Cannot compete Can you „ Compete against • by „ for „ vigorously „ with Shall we (I) compete Do not compete Competed „ against „ with » for Competence(cy) Competent (to) Competing Are competing „ not competing ., you „ Competing very keenly Competing for „ with With whom are we competing Competition In competition No Strong „ Their (his) competition Competition in „ of ), with To meet competition Is there any competition cypev cypoy cypta cypuz cypve cypjo cyrbo cyriz cyrob cyruc cyrwa cyrye oysay cysco cysez cysib cysoc cysud cysya cysze cytaz cytdo cyteb cytgy cytic cytod cytnf cytyg cytza cynhr cyuis oyukt cyulv cyupz cynrc cyusd cjmvg cyuzk cyvab cyvba cyvce cyvec cyvfo cyvhv cyvid cyvof cyvug cyvyn cywac cywed cywif cywog cywu E cywyj cyzaf cyzeg cyzfa cyzge cyzno cydy cyzoi cyzuk cyzyl dai daa!


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