womenforfreesex - Updating intellisense hang

Let’s keep aside the horrible and controvertial VS2012 UI redesign (which fortunately VS2013 now includes colours) or the CAPS LOCKS thingy.Those unfortunately contain a lot subjectivity when one wants to argue.

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Which, last time I check, it plays an important role in the business of Microsoft ecosystem.

The detonator were these two tweets, the more I read was “YES I FEEL THE SAME!!! In fact, Casey Muratori seems to be thinking that as soon as Clang becomes usable on Win32, move; which is exactly what I’m also considering of doing.

I mainly work with graphics software and low level stuff.

I couldn’t care less about their j Query integration, Javascript debugging, or even their C# IDE. Now that I’ve cleared that out, here’s a brief of the problems in VS; which I’ll go into detail, one by one: For medium sized to large projects, this is a real PITA. So, more than double compile time between 20; and exactly the double between 20.

Not to mention VS2012 uses more RAM, which automatically means it can’t scale as well as the others will (it fights Moore’s Law).

The good news from the Ogre team, we support unity builds which bring every compiler down to 1 minute (VC 2008 being the fastest at 49 seconds, VS 2012 being the slowest at 1 min 29; while GCC and Clang are nearly at a tie in the middle 1 min 12 seconds and 1 min 20 seconds respectively) But Unity builds are a sub-optimal solution, since they suck when one is working directly on the code because recompiling a cpp file means recompiling many.At first I thought this behavior was due to the new "suggestion mode" in Intellisense, but no amount of toggling with CTRL ALT SPACE would bring back the auto-complete behavior.It turns out the two Intellisense modes (completion mode and suggestion mode) are not included for every editor ("JScript" being a notable omission).This past week we released two additional patches that you can download and apply to the VS 2010 RC to immediately fix two other common issues we’ve seen people run into: The Visual Studio team recently released a second patch that fixes some crashes we’ve seen when tooltips are displayed – most commonly when hovering over an identifier to view a Quick Info tooltip.You can learn more about this issue from this blog post, and download and apply the patch here.This data has been invaluable in helping us find and fix remaining bugs before we ship the final release.


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