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, individual pixels are practically invisible to the naked eye.On-screen text looks sharper and clearer than on lower-resolution screens, and Apple's expert scaling always keeps apps, menus and icons at a decent size, while giving you the option to mimic the look and feel of several different scaled resolutions.

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Apple says it adds up to 25 percent more available colors to display.

P3 is the standard for digital cinema projection in theaters, and for certain photo professionals and film and video experts, this is potentially a big deal.

Besides the higher screen resolution and new CPUs, the biggest obvious change to the i Mac line is the revamped collection of accessories bundled with it.

The Apple wireless Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad -- all familiar sights on Apple users' desks around the world -- have gotten their first overhaul in years, and it might be the new feature I'm most excited about.

Most of the advantage comes in battery life, and for an all-in-one desktop, that's not going to be an issue.

Also new in the 21.5-inch i Mac are Thunderbolt 2 ports for faster data transfer (if you have any Thunderbolt-equipped accessories) and some new hybrid hard drive options -- Apple calls them Fusion drives -- combining a small amount of solid-state memory for quick access of frequently used data, with a larger standard platter drive.

The Magic Mouse 2 looks the same, but is a hair lighter with better rubber tracks along the bottom.

Overall, this is an important update to the i Mac line, as a better-than-HD display feels like table stakes these days for any premium laptop or desktop computer, and the improved color gamut support in the 4K and 5K displays will help keep the i Mac line as a top choice for creative pros.

That's important because these i Macs were previously two generations of CPU behind.

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