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Here's a Google hangout with my android as webcam in Linux.

Weather, events and parades are just a few things people might be curious about and want to watch remotely.

A high quality live video feed is also a great way to get links back to your business and website!

Windows - For windows, the driver comes as an easy installer.

Linux - For Linux, it comes as a script which you need to run in a terminal as root.

Setting up Epoc Cam is very simple, anyone can do it.

Just download drivers to your PC/Mac and you're ready to go! Anyone can install it." Install required Windows or Mac OS X drivers from You may also like our Kinoni Barcode Reader app, it turns your i Phone into barcode scanner.

All photos, videos, and audio recordings that you capture with a Life Cam webcam are stored in the Users/username/Pictures/Life Cam Files folder, where username is the name that you use to log on to your computer.

Depending on your operating system (Windows or Linux), use the links to download and install the webcam driver on your PC.

Although the earlier IP Webcam app is more popular, it is more or less limited to Wi Fi connections especially for windows.

So lets see how to configure your android as a webcam via USB - " driver.

But doing this requires extra work because android can communicate with PC via USB only in debugging mode by using adb.


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