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Eye Spy FX (PC & Mac) This software works on Windows and Mac and has a mobile viewer that can be accessed on a handful of devices, including the i Phone. The software, while primitive, does a good job with privacy; the only way to access your stream is with your camera's special PIN.

It also supposedly keeps an online and offline archive of your footage, although I couldn't get either to work.

The app lets you set whether you want to capture all of the motion within the frame or just a part of it.

Webcam no cost free no sign up or membership

It can also be set up not only to send you an e-mail if it detects motion but also send a note to a Twitter account and upload whatever footage it's captured to You Tube or Daily Motion.

There is quite a bit of setup involved though, and the wizard that walks you through it is bound to overwhelm the average user.

Software can offer a definite piece of mind over browser-based solutions.

Most of these apps can run quietly in the background, and can save footage to your hard drive for archiving.

/ Both UStream and are set up to let anyone create a live broadcast free of charge.

There's also a way to make the stream password-protected, meaning only you and those you've given the code to will be able to see it.

Honorable mention: If you're willing to shell out , you can go with Mac-only Evo Cam, which I've heard good things about.

It does motion capturing, e-mails, and offers mobile access.

The app does an exceptional job at letting you pick various ways you want to be notified.

You can have it upload screen shots to an FTP site or as an e-mail.

Home Camera's secret sauce is being able to e-mail you when you're not there.


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