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From the The Little People of America, an advocacy group for people 4 feet 10 inches tall and under, petitioned the USDA in May 2013 to remove the official reference, and the agency passed the request on to the Raisin Administrative Committee, which runs the nation’s raisin reserve.

The response was, essentially, “no problem.” “It was really just ‘Okay sure, whatever,’” Hector Omapas, the committee’s director of compliance, told the Loop, his shrug almost audible over the phone.

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To really step up your mobile photography game, you’ll need some kind of mount to hold it steady.

You could buy a smartphone attachment for a conventional camera tripod, but who wants to carry that kind of gear everywhere they […] The forced transition from analog to digital TV signals was probably met with relative indifference from people with Netflix subscriptions and the “I don’t even own a TV” snoots.

“It was really much to do about nothing.” The committee, which runs the nation’s raisin reserve, has already stopped using the term in its marketing orders, Omapas said. 21, the USDA got around to soliciting public comment on a proposed rule that would officially remove the five references to “midget” raisins from the federal standards list.

Vi Hart (previously) is the fast-talking, doodling, hyper-charming mathematical vlogger whose Pi Day videos are consistently the best of the season, even when she’s pooping on Pi, she always manages to fascinate and delight.

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