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The telenovela actors dated for about a year – we even speculated about their relationship before they made it official.Ariadne Rosales Diaz is a hot Latino diva and actress/model, who is known to have won the title of “Most beautiful Girl” in 2014, for her work in La Mujer Del Vendaval.

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At the age of 29, she has maintained her figure and her charm so well that it appears kind of sexy to her viewers and fans.

With her lovely set of green and attractive eyes, she has got a hot pair of lips and a perfect set of teeth.

Diaz told reporters that she does not "like to categorize anything and as long as there is love, then there is a relationship." While talking to reporters she also shared a anecdote from their Paris trip.

Good news is that two hotties are now single for the taking!

Actress Ariadne Diaz has confirmed that she and actor Jose Ron are dating.

Diaz confirmed the news during an interview with reporters stating "that they are very happy; they love each other and love spending time together." She added that they spent Christmas together and went to Paris where they got to know each other better.

Ariadne has come out openly and criticized about this, saying that it is not good to sneak your nose in other’s personal matters.

There is no record of her being married till now and has not had a husband or any children.

Diaz was born on August 16, 1986 in Puerto Vallarta. In 2007, she starred in the telenovela Muchachitas como tú, where she played Leticia Hernández.

In 2006, she made her television debut on, RBD: La Familia in the episode El Que Quiera Azul Celeste... Ariadne was also cast in the dual co-protagonist/antagonist role of Florencia Echevarria de Belmonte in Al diablo con los guapos.

She also played the daughter of the villain "Barbara Greco" in Mañana Es Para Siempre.

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