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And it won’t be one of her sons, because they take after their father: “They are fearless and like extreme sports like skateboarding; tennis is far too gentle for them.” That doesn’t worry her.It’s enough to have been back at Wimbledon, a place she loves.Tennis has become more serious, more international since her day, but she’s glad of it.

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“They must never change the grass or the rules about wearing white.” And to find herself happy again.

that the couple's wedding was the day "when the unraveling began." "[Evert] became very dominating and controlling and it became very apparent she was treating my brother badly," Janis said.

On Thursday, at Wimbledon, she found herself in the same place at the same time as her ex-husband, Greg Norman, who came with his new wife, Karen, on his arm.

Oh, the relief of having the ESPN commentary box to hide in with old friends and fellow ex-players Pam Shriver and Mary-Jo Fernandez.

The focus on winning messes with your head, as Evert is well aware. “I remember aged 14 being so excited that I was made a cheerleader at high school. ’ It had to be all or nothing, and I made the decision to go with the tennis.

I stopped in 1989, when I was 34, not because I was tired physically but because after 21 years I was mentally tired of waking up every morning and having to compete, and the whole world knowing I had won or lost.” Pretty, feminine and not prone to tantrums, Evert with her double-handed backhand cut an appealing figure on court. Aged 19, she was engaged to Jimmy Connors, then Wimbledon men’s champion.

Entertaining the viewer is not about slamming in a winner, but keeping the ball in play, so it’s better for the social skills.

“Commentating can be miserable if you don’t have a good team, but it’s a lot of fun if you do and I’m with people who were my friends anyway, so I don’t feel at all competitive,” she says sounding genuinely carefree.

Aged 56, she looks terrific in jeans and a T-shirt, an idealised vision of the all-American middle-aged mother with three teenage sons whom she adores.

After four years spent dodging questions about the biggest mistake of her life there’s an unforced smile on her face and a lightness to her, whatever the subject, so long as I avoid mentioning a certain golfer. “I’m in a much better place than I’ve been in the last few years.” Her midlife crisis began when, in 2006, she divorced her husband of 18 years, the Olympic downhill skier Andy Mill, because she had fallen in love with Greg “The Great White Shark” Norman, the former world number one golfer, who also happened to be Mill’s friend and business partner. Chrissie Evert got her man just as, in her tennis heyday, she won 18 Grand Slams, including three Wimbledons (1974, 76 and 81). But sometimes the prize isn’t worth winning, as Evert found in the matrimonial game. “It’s very, very amicable,” she says, about to fly off to Aspen, Colorado, to join her sons, who are staying with their father and stepmother.

They had been introduced by her ex-husband who was a friend of Mr Norman, and formed a business partnership to set up tennis academies in the golfer's resort developments, Mr Norman, who topped the annual world golf rankings seven times between 19, ended his 26-year marriage to Miss Andrassy in September in a settlement reportedly worth £50 million. Miss Andrassy, who met Mr Norman in 1981, accused Miss Evert of betrayal and blatantly pursuing her husband during visits to the Normans' home on Jupiter Island, Florida. "A year and a half ago I'd have taken a bullet for this guy.


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