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He added the caption, “Home team ride or die 4lyfe! Toya Wright has always been candid about her love life from her ex rapper Lil Wayne to her estranged husband, rapper and record label executive Mickey “Memphitz” Wright.As Americans, we are easily entertained by conflict. Two months ago, such a conflict reared its head on Twitter between Refined Hype/DJBooth favorite K.

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But did she already go back to her ex, rapper Lil Wayne?

Memphitz posted a cryptic photo on Instagram that implied he is not over Toya, even though she filed for divorce over the summer. So don’t let the necessary occur.” He added the caption, “Still.

” One even admitted they were, “Praying for y’all to get back together.” Another echoed similar sentiments, “Praying you both to find your way back to each other, you two make a beautiful couple.” Still, it looks like Toya has been hanging out with Lil Wayne lately.

They have a history of their own as they were together long before Wayne’s skyrocket to fame. Lil Wayne was the one to spark up rumors that he and Toya could get back together when he posted a photo of her on his own Instagram page earlier this week.

He ultimately chose to fully pursue his rap career with Cash Money Records in order to support his child.

When she was 15 and Lil Wayne was 16, Wright gave birth to their daughter, Reginae "Nae" Carter, on November 29, 1998.

She became pregnant with their daughter at the age of 14.

Lil Wayne was already signed to Cash Money Records as a burgeoning rapper.

The artists DO work hard, you just refuse to step up and care for your artists! I hear she's trying out the rap game now, and has even helped remix "Bedrock" with Rasheeda, Kandi, and Lola Monroe (nee Angel Lola Luv). I know she won't, but even Weezy is concerned (mainly about how Reginae would be caught up into this) 4. However, Toya insists on keeping up the mess, launching her own show with her constantly wilding-out family. Come back next week when I discuss Angel Lola "Monroe" Luv's foray into the rap world and why she could be using a MUCH better method.

(I guess it's true that the one who preaches does so first to himself). WHY do you keep your ex-husband's last name when you two have been divorced for the last 5 years? As for "Tiny and Toya," it has been announced that there will not be a third season of that show, because Tiny has decided to basically fade out of the limelight once she and T.

Antonia "Toya" Wright (née Johnson previously Carter; born October 26, 1983) is an American reality television personality, rapper, businesswoman, and author still better known as Toya Carter.


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