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“Nancy, your-your-your jacket is very nice,” he added, grinning at Nancy Shevell, the bus committee chairman. for 10 years—spanning four governors—the trucking executive was plainly at home in the boardroom.Then he got right to the point: “Good morning, everybody, um, garbage and graffiti on platforms and trains—” Ms. There was little indication that she is living something of a Cinderella-at-the-ball moment these days.Also, I think he felt threatened by her powerful father and he wanted to make a name all by himself." Shevell's father is Mike Shevell, the wealthy head of New England Motor Freight, a trucking firm in Elizabeth, N. The handsome 52-year-old is a commissioner of the Port Authority.

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He has since suffered from drugs and alcohol addictions, but says he has been sober for the last seven months. “But I wouldn’t want to say anything negative about her because she’s good mother to Beatrice [Sir Paul’s daughter by Mills] and that’s the most important thing.”He said his relationship with Sir Paul’s current wife Nancy Shevell is much better.

He admitted that he "didn't like" Heather Mills, whom his Beatle father married in 2002 and divorced in 2008.

Paul Mc Cartney and Nancy Shevell attend the Stella Mc Cartney Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2011 show during Paris Fashion Week at Opera Garnier on October 4, 2010 in Paris, France.

(Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images) On a recent morning in the fifth-floor conference room of the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s brick and limestone Madison Avenue headquarters, a public meeting of the board was called to order.

They summered in the Hamptons, where they rented a house for years - and where they became friends with Mc Cartney, his late wife, Linda, and his second wife, Heather Mills.

Three years ago, they bought property in East Hampton, razed it, and built a new mansion valued at million.

The various members representing the audit, governance, bridges and tunnels, finance, and other committees listened patiently as Mark Shotkin, a member of the transit-riding public, made a statement.

“Jim and Andrew, your ties are very nice,” he began, spreading a little sugar around the room.

Shevell has made a point of wearing Stella’s designs to various parties, ensuring maximum press coverage (Ms. Shevell is said to have done it with more sincerity and panache).

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