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The ISO 8601 date order with four-digit years: YYYY-MM-DD (introduced in ISO 2014), is specifically chosen to be unambiguous.

The ISO 8601 standard also has the advantage of being language independent and is therefore useful when there may be no language context and a universal application is desired (expiration dating on export products, for example).

The date (Unix) command—internally using the C date and time functions—can be used to convert that internal representation of a point in time to most of the date representations shown here. If this is not the current date, then There is a large variety of formats for dates in use, which differ in the order of date components (e.g. 31/05/1999), whether leading zeros are included (e.g. 31/05/1999), whether all four digits of the year are written (e.g., vs. This date format originates from the custom of writing the date as "the 9th day of November in the year of our Lord 2014" in Western religious and legal documents.

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There may also be additional parts, such as the day of week.

Years are usually counted from a particular starting point, usually called the epoch, with era referring to the particular period of time (Note the different use of the terms in geology).

This date format is used in Kazakhstan, Latvia, Nepal and Turkmenistan.

According to the Official rules of documenting in governmental authorities, Many numerical forms can create confusion when used in international correspondence, particularly when abbreviating the year to its final two digits.

As such, it defines the day of an annual event, such as a birthday or Christmas on 24/25 December.

Many computer systems internally store points in time in Unix time format or some other system time format. This little-endian sequence is common to the majority of the world's countries.

When numbers are used to represent months, a significant amount of confusion can arise from the ambiguity of a date order; especially when the numbers representing the day, month or year are low, it can be impossible to tell which order is being used.

This can be clarified by using four digits to represent years, and naming the month; for example, "Feb" instead of "02".

Hawaiian time on December 7, 1941, took place at a.m. A particular day may be represented by a different date in another calendar as in the Gregorian calendar and the Julian calendar, which have been used simultaneously in different places.

In most calendar systems, the date consists of three parts: the day of month, month, and the year.

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