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It took hours of phone calls to rectify basic problems.

She says: 'I hope the calls have been recorded because each and every one of the advisers I spoke to made promises they didn't deliver.

If a customer cannot use our services for three days or more, we will refund that proportion of line rental.’The employee says: 'All Vodafone cares about right now is the net promoter score.

Staff are rated on this survey it sends out after a call or web chat.

You have only to look at the awful billing problems at Scottish Power, npower and Vodafone over the past few years to see the dangers of giving utility firms this type of power.

Sandra Laine, the landlady wrongly given a CCJ by South West Water, will testify to that.

Vodafone says it has recruited 600 customer service advisers in six months – 400 of them UK-based – and has invested millions of pounds in further training.

It says it always aims to resolve complaints effectively 'first time'. If your signal or internet connection fails repeatedly, or if a handset does not work, keep a log of what happens and when. You must give Vodafone eight weeks to solve an issue.

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People who rate the company highest are said to be 'promoters', they will recommend the network to friends and family.


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  2. She has described her childhood as "wonderful" with "loving parents and siblings to lean on", although Bjorlin recalls being "oblivious" to racial tensions going on in Sweden.

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