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I think 'white' is best defined as a Caucasoid of Indo-Germanic descent.

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The Chechen language is strikingly similar to Albanian.

They both have similar grammar and similar sounds such as SQ, PSHQ, which are not common in any IE languages, but are very common in caucusus languages like Chechenian.

These traditions are common for early Serbian tribes just like all Aryan tribes.

That is the only honorable in Asiatic Albanian Folk.

Anyway during that time The REAL Illyrians were the citizens of The West Balkan (Dinaria) and occupied by The Romans.

During that time stinky Albanians was in their native s***y hole. we still have Illyrians and their Resistance to Romans. THE MOST SAD is that this myth of Albanian origin were promoted by stupid Yugoslav communists because The State policy of Yugoslavia, made by Josip Broz Tito (aka Josef Walter Weiss) were brotherhood with Albanians, so that the Yugoslavia could get Albania as the 7th republic.

ALBANIAN AND CHECHEN: Albanian is classified as an non-IE(Indo-European) language because no one has been able to classify it into any group, and this is because no one has yet studied all the Caucasian languages.

As soon as linguisists begin to study the Caucasians languages they will realize the similarities with Albanian.

These tribes were mixed Serbo-albanian before the comming of the Turks.


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