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The real problem is often not knowing what to do after the infatuation stage comes to an end.

That's one reason why some people spend so much time starting relationships, but not continuing them.

Just as you shouldn’t bring the dirty past onto your clean slate of the present, don’t sweat the small stuff.

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It's truly the quality of your friendship that can keep your relationship from getting old.

As time goes by, use surprise and change to constantly remake your relationship and keep it stimulating.

I can be a “Type A” person, so those little things can get to me.

Little details, those little things that bother you can add up for sure — if you let them.

You may be leaving behind a perfectly good relationship because you are anxious about how to move into a steady and committed relationship.

This brief article will offer some helpful tips for building great relationships, well beyond the initial honeymoon phase., rejoice that your relationship has made it through the honeymoon stage. A brand new relationship can be exciting, but it can be just as exciting to watch your relationship grow and settle into a more mature phase......, resist the urge to go out and find another relationship that will excite the senses (for as long as it is in the infatuation phase).

If I sound like I’m repeating myself here, well, I pretty much am. Don’t completely lose yourself, but see that there are things in the long run that matter and things that don’t.

There’s probably some internal list you’re keeping of your other half has done, or not done.

Face your fear and find the strength to stay with your relationship., find ways to make your ongoing relationship exciting, and keep it fresh and new.

All you have to do to keep your relationship interesting is to keep reinventing it. Eradicate that which may seep emotional toxins into your relationship., don't despair if your relationship seems to be getting old, predictable or commonplace. and your relationship won't seem so predictable, boring or old hat.: try taking interesting vacations every few months. Featured Links: Dummy Health Guide for Malaysian Dating and Relationship Blog Malaysia Real Estate Blog Geek Malaya - Malaysia Computer and Technology Blog Richard Hamon is a professional therapist, consultant and coach with over 25 years of experience.

So I'm terrified that I'll be one of those girls who never falls in love because it hasn't happened yet.


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