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She was wearing a bathing suit that revealed nothing but showed all and Josh had to admit his father’s taste in women matched his.Josh didn’t know her too well yet but from what he had gathered she seemed nice and not too young, around 40 tops.

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The ride to the mall was uneventful and thanks to the build in navigator no wrong turns.

They agreed to meet back at the car in three hours, giving them enough time to explore and shop.

They did a good job on his room and bathroom, almost exactly like the 3d models he was shown.

The opaque window looked out onto the pool area and terrace and bathed the room in a warm sunlight.

“Nice car Angela” Josh said as she was trying to figure out for who or what his whistle was meant.

Jonas just laughed as he knew his son liked his new girlfriend in more than one way.The noise was too loud to ignore and after a few moments he gave up and got up.He navigated his way through all the boxes and unpacked furniture to the bathroom.One of the few good things to come out of this Trans Atlantic move, he thought, that and the huge house his father had bought.Relaxing a bit under the steaming shower he glanced around, taking in his new surroundings in daylight.Jonas wrote the store name and party address down for Josh as there was some kind of dress code.


  1. I think that all who wish to live there or do need to work cooperatively to resolve issues central to the well being to the people.

  2. Sometimes we need a little more than just talking and staring at one another.

  3. I was in middle school, just starting to develop and have questions about boys. It was the first thing I read, followed later by makes clear, Joshua Harris is not keen on dating.

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  5. Uniform Dating Dating site for serving and former members of the uniformed services and armed forces or for those looking for a date ‘in uniform’.

  6. During 1991 to 1993, Koo was a modelling agent, sometimes he himself worked as a model for advertisements and karaoke videos.

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