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Every time I put a game in my console it would normally update straight away, but now when I do it pops up with a message I need to install update before I can play game, when I click install it just throws me to the store and won't let me update..... After trying that and several reboots says you have to try their offline program to detect problems with the Xbone.

Anyone else having a problem with updating games??? The only fix I found is a long one- uninstall the game and re-install it and it will be updated. If there's a better way I don't know it, I made a topic on here a couple of days ago and no one knew about the problem.

I heard clearing the cache fixes it but I also heard that all your rank online gets reset and sometimes it messes up your 360.

So could I please get the lowdown on cache clearing and if it is safe to do it because the whole consistent updating is really annoying me.

Power cycling will reset the network card and clear the cache. 7.) If you see the There was a problem with the update screen again, please contact Xbox Support for further assistance.

Funnily enough, additional troubleshooting techniques and tools are only available after you get the mandatory day one patch, which clocks in at approximately 500mb.

Some of my games that have already recieved their updates just wont stop updating.

Some of my other games are fine but its just a few but who knows, there could be lots more.

Any other help is really appreciated ty There's a chance that doing it once may fix it for good.

You will have to download the updates all over again at least one more time though, since clearing the cache does delete them all as Ren said.

Please be advised that the following methods are to be used at the sole discretion of the platform owner.

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no you cant change the cache size, I managed to nearly fill my 120gb, I install all my games before I play them. Its much better because your xbox wont make such a loud sound when playing a game.


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