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Men outnumber women by far so it is not easy at all and that does not automatically mean that those sites are a "SCAM" or a "RIP OFF". Use all the well established casual dating sites: Xdating, Casual Dating69 also works VERY VERY WELL, and all so on... This site is known by most people who use casual dating websites.Be patient, be creative and maybe you will be lucky? They are a massive company, make no mistake, and have been around for longer than most.

I've had some luck in the last 6 months with a site called so decided to double down and grab a membership with XDating.

My mates recommended it as its super busy with plenty of hot chicks so im giving it my best shot.

The site administrator sent me a msg that my Profile update was denied due to " giving out private information such as my personal email address or another site info that I'm on." Obviously not true. I did a search of a city of 150,000 a hundred miles away and went through the same procedure and did not come up with even ONE (fake ) woman who was not trying to get me to sign up for chat and give out my phone number. I decided to cancell my ONE TIME MEMBERSHIP FEE acct with them early and saw that my membership was on Auto Renewal. You join them expecting women to be knocking down your freaking door clutching a rubber in one hand and a tube of KY in the other.

The reality is that when you join these kind of sites, you gotta work for your pay off (or money shot).

There are certainly real girls here, maybe not as many as one of the more fashionable sites like Hookup Hangout.com, but still plenty to choose from.

In my experience the men to women ratio is one of the best available thanks to the fact that they have a nice PR and commercial budget and so can target females pretty effectively.

Xdating looks like a good site and - provided the profiles are real - there are plenty of hot ckicks to get in touch with.

Id personally give this a seven, better than most but a few still stand out above it (is a prime example).

I work in IT myself so I can say with confidence that in terms of functionality the site is also pretty damn good.

Overall, it does what you need from this kind of sites and gives you a fairly good number of girls in any given area.

There was one woman on the site that I was interested in.


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  3. It’s a seller’s market and they can afford to be choosy. In reality, failure is the default setting in dating.

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