Xerces c validating xml parser

It also permits programmatically constructing a new XML document from scratch.The reason for this is that DOM provides an in-memory model for the document.Xerces-C makes it easy to give your application the ability to read and write XML data.

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Anyway, adding #REQUIRED to attr1 doesn't help, it gives the same error message.

I have specific reason not to include the DTD in the XML file.

SAX, as you may know, is an event-oriented programming API for parsing XML documents.

A parsing engine consumes XML sequential data and makes callbacks into the application as it discovers the structure of the incoming XML data. SAX is actually two APIs: SAX 1.0 is the original, and SAX 2.0 is the current revised specification.

Also, I found two possible duplicate questions: 1 and 2.

The DTD has an ending, I just forgot to copy-paste it here.

and that for each element or attribute I have in my XML file.

To create the XSD i used that Free online XSD generator and if I check my xml within that XSD using the (Validator)[ on the same site, everything looks fine. I use the following code to validate: Xerces DOMParser dom Parser; if (dom Grammar(schema File Path.c_str(), Grammar:: Schema Grammar Type) == NULL) Parser Error Handler parser Error Handler; dom Error Handler(&parser Error Handler); dom Validation Scheme(Xerces DOMParser:: Val_Always); dom Do Namespaces(true); dom Do Schema(true); dom Validation Schema Full Checking(true); dom Parser.parse(xml File Path.c_str()); if(dom Error Count() !

XML4C's distinguishing merit relative to Xerces-C is better out-of-the-box support for a huge number of international character encodings in the version that I explored (see Related topics).

The two principal means of specifying the structure of an XML document are the DTD and W3C XML Schema, with DTD being the much older of the two. Xerces-C offers great out-of-the-box validation capabilities for ensuring that an XML document conforms to a DTD.

The two are similar, but different enough that most applications based on SAX 1.0 break when they are moved to the newer specification.


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