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Suddenly the thinking session I had been in before Katie's performance came rushing back to the forefront of my mind. Finally, I knew how I was going to get what I had been wanting for some time (the impregnation) and get what I had just discovered I wanted (little Katie's pussy).

Since it was so late at night, I had to wait until the next morning to start putting my plan into place.

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I couldn't keep my hands off her swollen body.

The thought that my seed was growing inside her, that the baby was proof of my virility as a man kept me hard all the time.

I contacted a realtor and instructed him that I wanted a house in a very isolated part of the country.

I told him I liked my privacy and didn't want any neighbors or anything to disturb me.

Both men were of the same mindset as I in regards to my incestuous needs. Go put a wash cloth down there to catch any blood and we'll go see Dr. She was shy and embarassed at the position, but Dr. While he examined her, I noticed that he wasn't wearing surgical gloves and seemed to be making a "thorough" examination of Katie's little pussy. Here is a kotex you can attach to your little panties by removing the paper strip and pressing it down onto the material. " I asked him, eagerly wanting that to be the case. "You are one lucky son of a bitch, Mike." "You mean I can proceed with my plan? "I'm just happy my little girl is growing up so quickly baby." Kissing her on the lips.

The physician would provide medical care for Katie, including pre-natal and delivery when the time came and would use the names of the adoptive parents found by the attorney for the brith certificate. This is what I'd been waiting on for years now, but she was only 9. I think my little girl has started her period is all. Fallen, and I'll take you to him and let him check you over ok baby? When he was done, he looked down at his bloody hands, rubbing them together. I wasn't thrilled by the situation, but the man was necessary to my plans and I didn't want to piss him off. That should hold you until you get to the store to buy some feminine products." He told her. Fallen told her to go out into the waiting room and play with the toys out there because he needed to talk to daddy. " I asked, my body almost vibrating with excitement. We exited the doctor's office and stopped at the store to get the necessary feminine products.

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**To all potential readers: This story contains explicit sexual content involving a very young girl and her father and rape.

This story is purely fantasy, I don't condone real life rape especially with children.

If you do not enjoy this type of story, please hit the back button and find a story better suited to your sexual needs.

The house was situated in the center of 2,000 acres of timber land. Once I knew the location of Katie and I's new home, I got on the internet to do some research while waiting for the sale to close.


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