Xxn xx Brandis saxony web camera

They pass me off to someone else who does the job and after that they can't do all the updates needed.

The Scott Whitaker and company customer service is not great at all!

They definitely need some improvement in this area.

My clients have been non stop complaining about my site.

I've reached out and receive numerous emails claiming Scott Whitaker and company are working on my site and still nothing is done.

They were unable to argue when they heard that yes, indeed I had canceled my account.

It took them weeks to refund me my money, and when I asked to speak to a manager of Scott Whitaker and company I was told no one was there and that one would call me back. I called back 5 times leaving messages and asking to please speak to a manager regarding my experience. Today I made one last valiant effort to speak with a manager and share my experience.

Not to mention they have no issue taking the funds out of your account.

0 plus a month and you have your site look like a child built it.

Scott Whitaker and company is a joke and I'm about to close my account because I see it as a waste of money I'm beyond furious.

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