Create a separate Campfire user for your bot and get their token from the web UI.

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Some of these plugins have yet to be migrated to their own packages.

⚠️ TIP: To find whois-info and blacklists for click on the corresponding green buttons above.

If you are missing anything else from the old interface, it is located HERE for a while longer.

When you have lots of scripts installed this process can be quite labour intensive.

The following shell command can be used as a stop gap until an easier way to do this has been implemented.

How to set environment variables will be specific to your operating system.

Rather than recreate the various methods and best practices in achieving this, it's suggested that you search for a dedicated guide focused on your OS.

If you are using the Campfire adapter you will need to set some environment variables.

If not, refer to your adapter documentation for how to configure it, links to the adapters can be found on Hubot Adapters.

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