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Violinist Nicola Benedetti does not have perfect pitch and although she would not mind developing it, she warns against pursuing it too much: “Hearing is incredibly delicate,” she says, “and how we hear notes has to be primarily a spiritual experience”.

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Although this is not entirely true, neural plasticity does decrease as we get older. International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience, 31(6): 370-381. “The pill that might give you perfect pitch by altering your brain”.

A group of enzymes called histone deacetylases (HDACs) play a role in the deterioration of neuroplasticity [4], which has led to suggestions that drugs that stop HDACs working could enhance adults’ abilities to learn new skills, including perfect pitch.

The deep emotion and mysticism of music might then be replaced by a superficial appreciation only for precise pitches.

Whether developing childhood neural plasticity is possible in later life or not, we need to consider what the consequences might be for our brains as well as for our culture.

These volunteers also watched instructional videos promoting the development of perfect pitch.

Data from the study showed that the volunteers performed significantly better on standardized tests of pitch accuracy and recognition compared to controls [6].

Four-year-old Mariah Carey sang back pitch-perfect notes to her mother [1]. Someone with perfect pitch can tell which piano key is pressed without looking, and can sing “middle C” without hearing it first.

Musicians in every genre, including Beethoven, Michael Jackson, Chopin and Stevie Wonder, have had the ability to name or produce any given note. This capacity can come naturally from birth or it can develop early in life, usually between four and six years old.

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She was at once extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and all-around awesome.

Despite these positive results, none of the volunteers actually gained perfect pitch within the 15-day period [7].

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